Moody Grooves (2011 )

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FloTaurus James - Moody Grooves (2011 )
Sunny DaysTaurus James - Moody Grooves (2011 )
BetterTaurus James - Moody Grooves (2011 )
Hood ButterfliesTaurus James - Moody Grooves (2011 )
TradedTaurus James - Moody Grooves (2011 )
Love AvalancheTaurus James - Moody Grooves (2011 )
LovedTaurus James - Moody Grooves (2011 )
Heading HomeTaurus James - Moody Grooves (2011 )
ThornsTaurus James - Moody Grooves (2011 )
DiaryTaurus James - Moody Grooves (2011 )
Even StillTaurus James - Moody Grooves (2011 )
Lost FriendTaurus James - Moody Grooves (2011 )
When Right LeftTaurus James - Moody Grooves (2011 )
SnowTaurus James - Moody Grooves (2011 )
QuestTaurus James - Moody Grooves (2011 )
Flo repriseTaurus James - Moody Grooves (2011 )
FreshTaurus James - Moody Grooves (2011 )
Like RainTaurus James - Moody Grooves (2011 )
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Original Moody instruMental Music, sample flip beats, Hip Hop

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Moody Grooves is a collection of my Moody instruMental Music with an ambitious goal - create wide-ranging moody music with the same beat. The vision is to have a collection of musical movements that are like chapters in a book.

This collection is an experiment to test my ability to vary the musical moods while keeping a major foundational part constant. I wanted to see and hear what I could come up with when I just kept the beat the same for different tracks. Some great music is what I created in the end!

With a mix of piano-featured, beat-intense and dramatically-orchestrated tracks, this collection has great tracks that can be used for background music for thinking and reflection. It also has some smooth grooves to relax to along with some intense tracks to stir the emotions.

Moody Jazz, Instrumental Piano Music, Inspirational Music, Chilled Jazz and other Smooth Sounds by TaurusBeats (Taurus M. James) © 2014.

Thanks to every music producer, musician and artist who has inspired, influenced and impacted me and positively contributed to my music journey. Special Thanks to all of my family, friends and supporters. You are appreciated. Grace and Peace!

This music is for Personal Use entertainment purposes only. Purchasing this project DOES NOT give you permission to use the songs for any other purpose. If you are interested in music production for your project, purchase a "Project Use" license. Please contact me to customize any song for your specific project needs.


released 2011

Created entirely by Taurus M. James for INOJ Music company. All tracks were composed using Yamaha DJX and Propellerhead Reason.

Listen to Moody Jazz: Instrumental Piano Music, Inspirational Music, Chilled Jazz, Smooth Sounds now.

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Moody Grooves (2011 )


Original, Piano, Freestyle, Funk, Smooth Jazz Groove 97 bpm 5:03

Sunny Days

Original, Smooth Jazz, Piano, happy, moody, Instrumental Music, Groove 94 bpm 6:48


Inspirational Sample Flip Beat ft. Darwin Hobbs Beter Is One Day


Original, Piano, Smooth Jazz, Life Story, Moody Instrumental Music 100 bpm 5:55

Love Avalanche

Inspirational Sample Flip Beat by TaurusBeats ft. Avalanche by Hillsong United


Original, Smooth Jazz, Piano, Moody Instrumental, Life Story Music 92 bpm 6:51

Heading Home

Sample Flip Beat Remix of Norah Jones Seven Years by TaurusBeats


Original, piano freestyle, Moody Jazz, Instrumental Music 90 bpm 6:48


Piano Freestyle Cover by TaurusBeats of Diary by Alicia Keys

Even Still

Original Piano, Smooth Jazz, Moody Instrumental Music by Taurus M. James

Lost Friend

Original Piano, Epic, Cinematic, Life Story, Moody Instrumental Music by Taurus M/ James

When Right Left

Original, piano, cinematic, film music, Life Story, soundtrack, smooth jazz 97 bpm 6:01


Moody Piano Sample Flip Beat by TaurusBeats ft. Van Morrison Snow In San Anselmo


Upbeat, Happy, Smooth Jazz, Groove Hip Hop, Life Story, cinematic, Sample Flip Beat 97 bpm 6:16


Original Piano Groove, Smooth Jazz, Moody Instrumental Music by TaurusBeats

Like Rain

Original Background Moody Instrumental Music by TaurusBeats