Soul On Fire (2005)

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Soul On Fire (2005)

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World WideTaurus James - Soul On Fire (2005)
EntranceTaurus M. James (ASCAP) - Soul On Fire (2005)
Ghetto ReignTaurus M. James (ASCAP) - Soul On Fire (2005)
HappyTaurus James - Soul On Fire (2005)
Hard To HoldTaurus M. James (ASCAP) - Soul On Fire (2005)
InnocentTaurus M. James - Soul On Fire (2005)
Next StepsTaurus M. James - Soul On Fire (2005)
Not My WillTaurus James - Soul On Fire (2005)
Pavane of a Ghetto SoldierTaurus M. James - Soul On Fire (2005)
PizziTaurus M. James - Soul On Fire (2005)
Rainy SundayTaurus James - Soul On Fire (2005)
Roman CurseTaurus James - Soul On Fire (2005)
Spanish GuitarTaurus James - Soul On Fire (2005)
StillTaurus James - Soul On Fire (2005)
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All songs produced by Taurus M. James
All songs © 2005, Taurus M. James (ASCAP). All Rights Reserved.
Original, instruMental Music.

What do you get when you mix hard-hitting beats like that of Dr. Dre with orchestral compositions like those of Hans Zimmer and a Passion for Christ?...

Soul On Fire is a collection that includes songs with more edge, but still rich with my cinematic sound. Fire for the Soul!

In this collection, I delve further into my emotions and pull out dramatic expressions from the fire of my soul. The bold, edgy sounds are combined with soft, mournful sounds to produce audibly what I feel inside - a continued struggle of contradictions. My faith in Christ is also reflected in each song and song title.

Listen and enjoy!


Soul On Fire (2005)

Spanish Guitar

Original, Smooth Jazz, piano , moody instrumental music 100 bpm 3:16


Still - Moody Instrumental Music by TaurusBeats aka Taurus M James

What People Are Saying

Shawna East - USA
I have listened to the music that God has inspired you to produce and I just wanted to tell you that you are a blessing!! You are truly anointed and walking in your purpose. Never give up on this!!!! Much love to you and Sissie (and my litlle niece/nephew)
Marina Muravyeva - na
Hi Taurus, Thank you for your comment about "Silence. I like your "Heartwashed"! Very nice sound and music. Marina
Stephen Moody - na
heh man... I finally put a few tracks up. check em out and let me know! by the way... how have things been going on your end? The Soul on Fire cuts are hot man!
Lord Toranaga - na
you make great videos. excellent production quality!
Jonathan Ustin - na
Completely answered my question. Great demonstration of your work process. Really tight beat too. Thanks much.?
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