TaurusBeats Music Production Services

TaurusBeats Music Production Services

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Music Production Services
Contact me and get the help you need through the varous Music Production Services I provide.
One-on-One Coaching, Transparent Feedback, Collaboration, Strategy Sessions, Studio and Recording Preparation

TaurusBeats Music Production Services

Personal Coaching Services Available

Coaching with Taurus James

Get Personal Support for Your Beats and Music with my Private Coaching Services

Personal Tutoring for Propellerhead Reason and Akai MPD32

What People Are Saying

paxilz - USA

great music!!!!!!

B. - germany

you are really talented greetz from germany

Chris Stewart - USA

I'm a upcoming rapper from fayetteville and I would like to work with you.

Edward Samuel - India

This site has good instrumental music

VTine - na

I received your information from your sis. KayJay, I'm the one she spoke of that would be emailing you ref. a friend of my newphew trying to push some music. Just wanted to try and help him out. Thanks PS nice music you have there.

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