Tempo 001-060

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Tempo 001-060

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By My HandTaurus M. James (ASCAP) - Heartwashed (2006)
I RememberTaurus M. James (ASCAP) - Myel Collection (2005)
Center Of My JoyThe Upper Room (ASCAP) - Faith Walk (2003)
StillTaurus James - Soul On Fire (2005)
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Slow Music in the TaurusBeats.com digital catalog will include both vocal and instrumental pieces. Songs will be placed in this category when they have 60 BPM or slower.

This category is the very slow category in classical music. The tempo is completely independent of the energy level of the song. However, it will not be uncommon to find songs that are slow in tempo are also low energy. Songs that are deemed slow are often selected for use in relaxation, meditation, and background music among other uses.

Slow tempo songs in the TaurusBeats.com catalog are cross-indexed and searchable by overall style and genre influences.


Tempo 001-060

By My Hand

Original, Somber, Dramatic, sad, slow, DownTempo, Piano instrumental Music 60bpm 4:56

I Remember

Original, romantic, heartwarming, piano instrumental music 60 bpm 5:28

Center Of My Joy

Gospel, live instrumental music featuring Curtis Price on lead guitar 80 bpm


Original, Piano, Reflective, Romantic, Sad, slow, study music instrumental 65 bpm