How To Add Samples In The Akai MPD32

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How To Add Samples In The Akai MPD32

TaurusBeats answers a question to clear confusion about How to add a sample in the Akai MPD32.


Question from a subscriber:

How do you add a sample in the akai mpd32?

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You can't.

First, the Akai MPD32 is not a sampler. This means that no samples are stored inside the device. The MPD32 has no hard drives or other storage devices. Therefore, no samples can be added or stored in the Akai MPD32.

The Akai MPD32 is a MIDI Controller. This means that the MPD32 is used to control or trigger sounds/samples stored in a DAW like Propellerhead Reason. The actual samples are stored on a hard drive or other storage device in a computer.

That said, you acually add samples to your computer/laptop hard drive (storage device)  by various methods. For example, you can download a song to sample, copy a file, or record a sample from a turntable into your computer. Then, you can load the sample into your DAW device that allows samples.

In the Propellerhead Reason DAW for example, the samples are actually loaded in a device in Reason and the MPD32 (or Oxygen8 MIDI controller) just triggers the sample to play. The two Reason devices I use for sample flip beats and sampled tracks are DRREX and NNXT. You could also use the NN19, but the NNXT gives you more control over each sample.

I use the DRREX when I want to match the sample tempo to my track (beat matching). This comes in real handy when I just want to loop a sample and match the BPM. I use the NNXT for more creative stuff because it gives me more control of the sample.

You can import a sample as a loop or as "chops/slices" in both devices. In my vids, you can see that I use the MPD alot and I'm triggering the samples in the NNXT.

Watch Video To Clear The Confusion

I hope this helps to clear the confusion about the Akai MPD32. I receive a lot of questions wherepeople think the MPD32 has samples inside, like the MPC does. Again, the MPD32 is only a controller, not a sampler. The MPD32 only triggeres and controls samples that are stored somewhere else.

Watch my video on Akai MPD32 Basics, where I explain in more detail about the Akai MPD32 USB/MIDI controller.

Akai MPD32 Basics

TaurusBeats covers Akai MPD32 Basics and clears confusion about the MIDI Controller

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