How To Sample A Song With Drums

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How To Sample A Song With Drums

You want to know sample techniques like how to sample a song with drums in it. TaurusBeats shares how he does it.


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A common sample technique is to select a sample that has drums in it, even when the drums are not wanted. You may want to know how to remove the drums from a sample. It's not easy. In fact, it's near impossible in most cases to completely remove the drums from a sample.

Before you spend your precious time (and money) trying to remove drums from a sample, try these sample techniques on how to sample songs with drums and creatively use the sample slices.

My Sample Flip Beats and video tutorials on How to Flip a Sample and Making Sample Flip Beats go into more detail about sample flipping, sample chopping and sample slicing. These videos demonstrate and explain the process I use when I flip a sample.

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"Flip a sample" means to take a sample and make a beat or song using the sample in a creative way. "Sample flipping" is another phrase that means the same thing. It's all sampling (music sampling), but the phrases used to describe what is done in sampling are continually evolving.

Words like "chopping" and "slicing" and "flipping" are being used to describe what a beat maker or producer is doing to a sample. Chopping and slicing refer more to how a sample is further cut into smaller pieces ("chops" or"slices"), but it is not uncommon to hear someone use "chopping" a sample or "slicing" a sample to mean the same thing as "flipping" a sample or sample flipping.

Technically, this word substitution is incorrect because there is a difference between actually "flipping" a sample and "chopping" or "slicing" a sample. Remember, chopping and slicing are about how to cut up a sample into pieces for use in a new beat or song. Flipping is about the actual use (re-arrangement) of the sample or sample "slices/chops" in a new beat or song.


I'm going to get picky with words here, only to try to clarify a few things.

If you want to know how to "sample" a song with drums, that's as simple as adding an original recording to the beat you are creating.

What is often meant by this question is, "How can I use a sample with drums in my song without the drums clashing with each other?" 

Chop or Slice Sample On The Drum Hits

An easy way to use the drums in the sample is to start out by chopping (slicing) the song sample on the drum hits. Then, when you actually flip the sample slices in your beat, you trigger the slices on the drum hits of your beat.

This may seem basic, but it is effective in many cases of Hip-Hop beat making.

You may also want to try making your slices just after the drum hit. By chopping a sample slice right after the kick or snare drum, you eliminate the attack of the kick and snare sound in the sample. Then, you can "mask" the "missing" drum hit with your drums using layering.

Note: This will pobably impact the way you actually flip the sample slices because eliminating the attack of the drum hits creates a delay of a few miliseconds.

Layer Drums And Other Instrumentation Over The Sample

Layering is a vital sampling technique that must be mastered. Layering is a broader music production technique to be applied to everything - drums, instruments, samples, etc.

Use layering to layer other instrumentation, drums, and/or samples over the sample slices that have drums in them. Find creative ways to "mask" the drum sounds in the sample slices with other sounds in your beat.

Think of your music in 3D.  Dont forget to use mixing techniques such as volume, panning and velocity to manipulate the spatial positioning of the sounds in your beat.

Use EQ To Filter Out Drum Hits In Sample

Yeah, I said it is near impossible to completely remove drums from samples, but it is not impossible. (If you have the time and money.)

You can use EQ to filter out the drum hits in the sample slices. Of course, depending on how youmade the slices in the first place, this changes the sound of the rest of the sample slice. Cutting frequencies of snare and kick drums will also cut other instruments of the same frequencies, in the sample slice.

Use The Drums In The Sample Rhytmically In Your Beat

Think of using the drums (in the sample) in a different "rhythmic" way. Try to make the drums in the sample "supplement" your drums in your beat. This works for me, especially when I use the layering and EQ-ing techniques mentioned above.


Remember, THE WAY you flip sample slices (style) and what you focus on in the sample slices, are two important factors. The more you flip samples, the more you develop your own sample flipping style. Experiment with various flip patterns. This is "trial and error" or "experimentation". Either way, the way you trigger those sample slices detrmines WHAT is heard and HOW it is heard by the listener.

Remember I mentioned that you need to think of your beat in 3D? It may seem crazy at first, but think of your beat like an episode of "The Dead Zone" (2002 TV Series), where dude's visions are slowed to a halt and he walks around in them, examining different parts .

Yeah, I know that was a stretch, but the concept is what I want you to get. Think of your music in 3D and move around the sounds spatially (in space), like Johnny in The Dead Zone.

Why? Because when you see your music in 3D space, rather than 2D, you get a better understanding of how each sound in your beat needs its own space and position to come through in the overall mix. This will also help you better understand how to mask or hide sounds that you don't want - like the drums in the sample.

Learn How To Flip A Sample From TaurusBeats

TaurusBeats (aka Taurus M. James) helps you unleash your inner producer by teaching you all the techniques and tricks he uses to create the hottest sample flip beats.

Watch high quality, easy-to-understand video tutorials to learn how to make sample flip beats. You will be guided step-by-step through beat-making techniques used by the pros to create professional music.

You will learn how to use various tools (hardware and software) to create sample flip beats that sound professional almost instantly. You get personal support that will quickly help you out, if you need any help.

You will have access to new tutorials released throughout each month. You will use the same templates, kits and sounds TaurusBeats uses to create the beats and music that stands out from the crowd.

Flip This Sample

Be sure to visit Flip This Sample - an area of the website where I post links to music that I have sampled. This is a great place to start if you are a beginner when it comes to sample flipping. Send me what you create, if you want a constructive critique of your work to help you get better at sample flipping.

Sample Flip Beats Playlist

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Sample Flip Beat Tutorials

The TaurusBeats Sample Flip Beat Tutorialsis are walk-through videos showing you useful sample flipping tips and techniques. Get details about the process TaurusBeats uses to select, chop and flip samples by watching the multiple video series. Sign up to get access to full access to all Sample Flip Beat Tutorials and remember, sign up is FREE!

How To Flip A Sample Series

Check the How To Flip A Sample Video Series in the Grace And Peace Zone to get a series of videos showing TaurusBeats flipping samples to make moody instrumental music, sample flip beats, smooth jazz, R&B and other music genres.



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