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Faith Walk (2003)
Tracks: 10

Live, Soul-Stirring Gospel Jazz and Funk Fusion

The Upper Room: A Gospel Jazz Band (TUR) out of Ogden, Utah brings a unique sound blending Gospel, Jazz and Funk to give you music that lives! The trio's passion for Christ and music is demonstrated in their first studio recording project - Faith Walk.

TUR's Faith Walk recording preserve so much of the live ambience you hear at their performances that you feel like you are in the room with them. TUR and their music engages you emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually! Click any of the links on the side to listen to songs from Faith Walk.

Thanks to every music producer, musician and artist who has inspired, influenced and impacted me and positively contributed to my music journey. Special Thanks to all of my family, Church family (Second Baptist Church in Ogden, Utah), friends and supporters. You are appreciated. Grace and Peace!

This music is for Personal Use entertainment purposes only. Purchasing this project DOES NOT give you permission to use the songs for any other purpose. If you are interested in music production for your project, purchase a "Project Use" license. Please contact me to customize any song for your specific project needs.


released 2003

All songs produced by The Upper Room: A Gospel Jazz Band.
© 2003, Taurus M. James.
Original, Moody instruMental Music, Gospel Jazz

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Faith Walk (2003)

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6:07 | 105 bpm | 22086 plays   Chatter To Change 6:07  
6:08 | 40 bpm | 19387 plays   Center Of My Joy 6:08  
4:28 | 93 bpm | 22116 plays   ITNOJ (Upper Room) 4:28  
5:02 | 70 bpm | 18568 plays   ITNOJ: The Suffering 5:02  
9:36 | 98 bpm | 21413 plays   Amazing 9:36  
4:11 | 130 bpm | 15898 plays   Wade 4:11  
2:39 | 93 bpm | 22239 plays   LIGHT 2:39  
6:30 | 73 bpm | 14957 plays   Jesus Loves Me 6:30  
6:03 | 105 bpm | 18820 plays   Faith Walk 6:03  
6:34 | 106 bpm | 18856 plays   Closer Walk 6:34  
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