Kid Kikit Y2G Yes 2 God!

Kid Kikit Y2G Yes 2 God!

Kid Kikit: Y2G (Yes 2 God!)

Kid Kikit: Y2G - Yes 2 God!

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(Kid Kikit image drawn by Todd Jones.)

Kid Kikit: Y2G

All music & lyrics by Taurus M. James (ASCAP)
All music & lyrics � 2003, Taurus M. James. All Rights Reserved.
4 original songs.


In The Name Of Jesus! Kid Kikit emerges to bring The Gospel in a prophetic manner to get people's attention for Christ!

I had dreams of becoming a rap artist, but discovered that I am more of a creator than a performer. Kid Kikit: Y2G gives you some of my most powerful lyrical deliveries that are as sharp as they are quick. This collection is the first merger of my producing, songwriting and performing skills.

Kid Kikit is my 'alter-ego' and stage name when I am performing as a rapper. I wrote the lyrics, performed them and produced the tracks for this 4-song demo. Released November 2004.

Listen and enjoy!

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What People Are Saying

Adolfo - USA

Man...All I can say is WOW!!! I can't believe what you have here! I am deeply moved by what you create and thank you so much for sharing! Awesome!

Terrance Bailey - usa

Man i Had to Hit up the web site im loving these tracks u r the Gospel dr. dre! I want when im gone beat i was caught in a zone when i heard it. Hit me back!

Ricon Carter - USA

What's good fam ? Yo I replied about that track earlier "When Im Gone". Man I need that joint super bad. I kept listening to it over and over and I already got a song wrote for it. Its about my grandmother that died while I was holding her hand and how I was rebellious but she continued to pray for me and I didn't give my life to Christ until after she passed. Man its mad emotional I was crying while I wrote it. Please get back at me fam. Grace and Peace - Ricon

Zulu Kain (ZK) - na

Word up Man of God, Your flow is hot man, I listened to the sample of ya "To All the Soldiers" Track and I felt ya immediately. Aye Imma hit you up for a colab sometime, but until then. Keep reppin Christ, and live life to change lives. Peace, ZK

Asha' J - USA

Keep in Christ bruh!! I love the music!!! You are the best!!!! You know how we do!!

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