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The TaurusBeats How to Make Beats Guide

Beatmaking Tips

Get the Beatmaking Tips and Tools I used to learn how to make beats and develop my music and business for more than a decade.

Beat Tutorials

Learn how to make beats by watching my Beat Tutorial videos covering various beatmaking topics.

TaurusBeats On Drums

Get drum tips and suggestions from TaurusBeats as he shares from his 20+ years as a session drummer.

Get Music Help

I created this site with hours of video training on Music Production, Propellerhead Reason, Music Skill Development and more, to help you make beats. I do all of this with a personal touch, to help you on your music journey.

How can I help you?

Get Updates

Get updates from TaurusBeats on Moody Instrumental Music, Reason, Sample Flip Beats and more to help you make beats.