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Intense, Mad, Angry sample flip Hip-Hop beat


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Intense, Mad, Angry sample flip Hip-Hop beat, instrumental  (no vocals)

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image for Migraine
Image for Migraine –

The Story Behind Migraine

As a child growing up in Southeast, Washington, DC, i used to get these killer migraine headaches on certain weekends like clockwork. The pain from these migraines was off the charts and I would just curl up in a ball under covers. When a migraine came on I became sensitive to light, sound, touch and smell. I felt like my brain was going to explode on some days. Once a migraine started, there was nothing I could so to stop it. I had to ride the pain out, no matter how long it took.

As I got older, I learned how to recognize the initial signs that a migraine was coming. I got better at flooding my system with water as a way to lessen the overall effects of a migraine. Finally, I got help from doctors who pointed to some foods that were potential triggers for migraines. The number-one trigger of migraines for me was MSG (Monosodium glutamate), which I commonly ate in the form of "Accent" a seasoning my parents and others used back in the day, on almost everything.

While at the US Air Force Academy, I got the occasional migraine and it took me little while to realize that i was still taking in MSG. This time, in a different form. My Korean sponsor mother's fried chicken wings were the culprit. She made the best chicken wings I ever had. So, when the pre-migraine signals kicked in immediately after I ate her chicken, I kept eating the chicken and decided it was worth the migraine! Eventually, i stopped eating the chicken and removed MS from my diet completely. The migraines all but went away.


Migraine The Beat

I made MIGRAINE the beat because I was reminded of how the pre-migraine signals included fingers tingling and tunnel vision with waves of nausea. Every signal started out in a way that could be misinterpreted as something else. The migraine signals would gradually build on one another until the relentless migraine took over.

The beat is pretty basic in that there are only five parts - four samples and the drums. The samples include a violin sample that I split into two parts (one high and one low), a horn hit sample that i split into two parts (one high and one low), the opening harp sample and a hit sample.

The samples are used in the "raw" form that I received them. other than splitting the two samples as I mentioned above, I did not do any other adjustments (no pitching, no beat-matching, etc.). I did note even try to match the key/note of the samples. The creative challenge for me was in making the change-ups in the drum beat.

The drums are made up of individual samples as well. This is so common that I usually forget to mention the fact. (Technically, all of the sounds used in computer music production are samples.)

Music Type

Hip-Hop beat, instrumental, minimal, sample flip

Music Use Suggestions

Rap, exercise, fitness, running, dancing, party, background, commercial, advertisement, ads, road trip

Music Tempo

97bpm (Medium 81bpm - 110bpm)

Music Moods

intense, mad, angry, mechanical, builds, grows, busy, dramatic, dangerous, dark, eerie, haunting, evil, sinister, fearful, mean, tough, mysterious, ominous, paranoid, scary, stealthy, strange, weird, uneasy, anxious, energetic, aggressive, driving, lively, hi-energy, frantic, passionate, strong, bold, confident, determined

Music Instruments

brass, horn hit, trumpet, drums, percussion, hits, stabs, strings, viola, violin 

Keywords: Intense, Mad, Angry sample flip, Hip-Hop beat,

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