Music Business Careers

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Music Business Careers

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What are some careers in the music industry? People often ask this question when considering the music industry as a career option, even though they can't sing or play an instrument. With so many careers to choose from, you might find the perfect on for you.

What are some careers in the music industry?

The are millions of talented and gifted men and women who choose not to use their talents on stage or in the recording studio. Since, it takes dozens of people and the companies they represent to get just one CD in the hands of a music buyer, there is a considerable demand for music industry professionals. You may not be able to sing or write songs, but you many have the necessary skills and personality that would qualify for a career in music. Here is a brief list of some of the exciting jobs that make up the business of  music.

Artist Related

1. Artist Manager - sets long-term and short-term goals for the direction of an artist’s career and controls the overall affairs of the artist. He/she acts as a liaison between the artist and the record company, booking agency and others. In most cases, the manager is compensated by receiving a percentage of the gross earnings of the artist.

2. Booking Agent - responsible for taking calls on behalf of the artist from people, promoters, churches, etc. who wish to schedule the artist for live performances. The agent negotiates fees and other contract issues and is usually paid a percentage of the income from concerts scheduled for the artist.

3. Concert Promoter - works with the booking agent and handles the promotion (advertising, venue selection, ticketing, etc.) of the artist’s live concert event. Promoters usually risk their own money when promoting an event, keeping any money remaining after all of the expenses are paid.

4. Tour Management/Tour Support - In some cases, an artist will retain one manager to handle their recording career and another to deal specifically with their touring and live appearances. Other touring support positions include the... 

Road Manager - supervises all of the details of a tour once the buses pull out, such as lodging and food for the crew, set-up and tear-down of lights and sound, etc.

5. Publicist - responsible for spreading the news about an artist or about the artist’s recordings through all available media outlets, including newspapers, magazines, television, radio, public appearances, etc. Publicists are usually paid a set fee per project or put on a monthly retainer to do ongoing work for an artist or manager.

Publishing Related

1. Publisher - responsible for the development and exploitation of songwriters and the songs they write.

2. Licensing & Copyright Administrator - deals with the legal aspects of songs, issues performances licenses, and oversees payments and collections.

3. Performance Rights Organization Representative - (ASCAP, BMI, SESAC) works with writer and publisher members, recruits members, and works to enhance the image and credibility of the PRO.

4. Legal - Attorneys who specialize in music law.

Production Related

1. Producer - works closely with the artist and record company in defining the focus for recording; usually chooses musicians, studios, engineer, etc. for the project and usually has direct influence on the sound and style of the recording. Most producers are paid per project and often earn a percentage of the earnings from sales of the recording.

2. Engineer - oversees the technical side of the recording, operating the recording equipment. The engineer is vital to the overall sound of the recording. Engineers are usually paid a per-hour, or per-day rate. Some engineers also earn a percentage of the recording project’s earnings.

Record Company Related

1. A&R Representative - responsible for signing and developing artists and for choosing songs and a producer for a recording project.

2. Marketing Director - oversees the various methods of making consumers aware of the products sold by the record company.

3. Radio Promoter - responsible for selecting radio releases (singles) and promoting them via radio, which includes advertising, contests, and public appearances.

Again, these are just some of the many careers in the music industry.  You don't have to be a singer or musician to have a career in thi booming industry.  Evaluate yourself, looking at your skills, strengths and talents, and see if your personality would e a good fit as one of these key players in the music industry. 

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