What Are Cinematic Sounds?

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What Are Cinematic Sounds?

Simply put...It's about the music that I create. This site is where you will find the "Cinematic Sounds", "Hot Instrumental Music" and other music that I (Taurus James) create and perform. This is my platform for getting my music heard around the world.

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What People Are Saying

adrianothamc - na

Hi, I`m a Rapper & make a mixtape. I like your Style, your Beatz are very TIGHT! Please contact me at (mcadriano@okay.ms) I pay also for Beatz, Peace!

jeystonemusic - na

nice beats

Sergion - Poland

HI!! its again me... i checked Your web again after long time.. and im really happy that i did it!! your new songs... ARE MORE THAN AMAZING!! when i listen Your music... i feel like ... (impossible to write how i feel) but i love this feeling... very thx You for Your music... im going to listen it all time smile :) greetings from Poland my friend wink ;)

Paul Scott - USA

wow i like your site. i'm really impressed at all your music and ability.

andrew silway - India

Thank you so much for the music. They are great!

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