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Flip A Sample Beat Cookup - The Changing

TaurusBeats shows How To Flip A Sample with Akai MPD and Propellerhead Reason making the song The Changing

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This sample flip beat is actually more of a smooth jazz instrumental song.

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Image for Flip A Sample Beat Cookup - The Changing – Taurus James (TaurusBeats)

The Story

Here is a little background info about The Changing sample flip moody instrumental beat.


The Changing - Reason sample flip beat cookup instrumental mpd oxygen8 sample

This track contains a sample from George Benson's "The Changing World" - the sample Common used for "I Used to Love H.E.R.".


George Benson is a favorite of mine since I was a kid in Southeast, DC. My parents wold hav the radio on in the mornings while I prepared to go to school. I would hear George Benson singing and playing his guitar and doing his soulful "scatting" - so dope!

"On Broadway" (the extended live version) was my favorite song and "Masquerade" was a close second. I don't recall ever hearing "The Changing World" until I heard the sampled version on Common's classic Hip-Hop track "I Used To Love H.E.R."

I wanted to pay homage to George Benson and Common with a sample flip.


2/6/2009 3:38:42 PM


Montgomery, Alabama - Maxwell, Air Force Base


Here I am using the AKAI MPD USB/MIDI PAD CONTROLLER to trigger sounds in Propellerhead Reason devices while making "The Changing". .

Listen and Download

You can listen to this beat and download it here.

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What People Are Saying

Bosman Ragga - na

I like your beats too Taurus, and I look forward to learn 1 thing or 2 from your videos?

pandapoonmonster - na

Nice. I just started makin beats on reason 4 with an axiom 25. Still have alot to learn but i hope to be as good as this soon. Music is life, keep it up.

Kingdavid7 - na

RE: The Upper Room... Love what you guys are doing.

Terrell K. - United States

Taurus I just wanted to say what's up. Loving all that I've heard of your work so far. As soon as I get to settle down at home I will be contacting you more. Thank you for what you are going to do with your calling before hand! HA. May you always be blessed and continue to bless.

Wes - na

Very good sounding tunes, really well recorded & interesting structure with good rhythm.Sounds professional. Keep up the good work. Wes Stafford
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