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The Crawl Moody Mental Music Recording Session

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image for The Crawl Moody Mental Music Recording Session
Image for The Crawl Moody Mental Music Recording Session – TaurusBeats (Taurus James)

In this TaurusBeats Reason 10 Recording Session, Taurus M. James is recording a Piano Freestyles (piano improvisations) for his "The Crawl" Moody Mental Music album "Sunset Sakura" - a moody instrumental, piano beat.

"The Crawl" is a Moody Mental Piano Beat. This video is part of the Taurusbeats Make Beats with Propellerhead Reason Video Series.

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Souled Out

Souled Out is a RnB, Soul, Funk, Upbeat, Fun, medium tempo, medium energy, groove, Sample Flip Beat, Roller Skate Party, Muzak (think Soul Train) 94 bpm 4:10

Music type: sample flip beat, instrumental, remix, RnB, Soul, Groove, world, international, fantasy, travel, driving, road trips

Tempo: 94 bpm Medium

Instruments: drums, bass, piano, electronic keys, rhodes, horns, trumpets, trombones