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Making A Melody In Reason - Even Still Part 1

Topics: making a melody in reason yamaha djx in reason midi controller yamaha djx reason beat making piano freestyle piano improvisation play by ear melody melodies

image for Making A Melody In Reason - Even Still Part 1
Image for Making A Melody In Reason - Even Still Part 1 – TaurusBeats (Taurus James)

In this video, TaurusBeats is making a melody in Reason 6.5 and explaining his piano freestyle techniques and how he improvises everything playing by ear. He also answers a few questions about using the Yamaha DJX keyboard as a MODI controller in Reason.

In Part 1:

- Using Propellerhead Reason 6.5
- The Yamaha DJX as a MIDI controller in Reason
- Piano setup using multiple NN-XT devices
- Playing piano "by ear"
- Piano freestyle (piano improvisation)
- Making A Melody

Time: 6 minutes

This video is about: making a melody in reason, yamaha djx in reason, midi controller, yamaha djx, reason beat making, piano freestyle, piano improvisation, play by ear, melody, melodies

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