Double K Beats (2006)

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Double K Beats (2006)

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Mountains (no piano)Taurus James - Double K Beats (2006)
We Bringin ItTaurus James - Double K Beats (2006)
2 My FriendsTaurus James - Double K Beats (2006)
Downtown ClassyTaurus James - Double K Beats (2006)
PandemicTaurus James - Double K Beats (2006)
Through the StormTaurus James - Double K Beats (2006)
WoooTaurus James - Double K Beats (2006)
SnuckTaurus James - Double K Beats (2006)
MigraineTaurus James - Double K Beats (2006)
Icy HotTaurus James - Double K Beats (2006)
ProgitaTaurus James - Double K Beats (2006)
CredibilityTaurus James - Double K Beats (2006)
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Album of original Moody Instrumental Music, Hip Hop and Rap Beats by beat maker Taurus James.

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Double K Beats

All songs produced by Taurus M. James (ASCAP)
All songs released 2006, Taurus M. James. Some Rights Reserved.
Beats and Moody Instrumental Music

Hip-Hop Beats and other hot tracks for up and coming artists.

Listen and enjoy!


Double K Beats (2006)


Energetic, Hip-Hop, Club Dance, sample flip beat 100 bpm


Serious, Dark, Suspense, Creep, Hip-Hop RnB beat 97 bpm


Intense, Mad, Angry sample flip Hip-Hop beat

Icy Hot

Serious, Slow-flow, Hip-Hop sample flip beat 87 bpm


Serious, R&B Dance Club party beat 96 bpm


Serious, Dramatic, Sad, Dark, Somber, Reflective Downtempo beat 80 bpm

What People Are Saying

shan - us
Taurus you are so talented. You can really tell that there is emotion behind your music and that it's is not just some notes put together. I appreciate your art. Its a beautiful picture.
Paul Scott - USA
wow i like your site. i'm really impressed at all your music and ability.
B. - germany
you are really talented greetz from germany
KhanChuz - na
super hot bro. !!! keep doing what you do. you got mad skills. i'm glad your on the right side! The Christ Side! thats "how we do it". Christ side for life! Thanks for the blessing. and may God bless us both according to his will. amen!
Dennis Rogers Jr - USA
you just made a serious fan! and id actually like to buy some instrumentals. i did nothing but write while i was gone and its time to do something with my lyrics.
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