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HOPE - Helping Other People Elevate



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I made this album during a tough period in my life journey. The music expresses my emotions and thoughts about suddenly losing a lot of my eyesight.

I felt I had lost hope. But Hope didn't lose me.

A young woman, I had never met before, told me to "Live through the loss" of my eyesight.

That message Helped me to change the course of my life journey.

VISION came out of that message.

I received HOPE in that encounter.

VISION is a concept album. This is the story of a lonely being, traveling in an overwhelmingly vast, cold and dark space.

HELP for Artists

LIFE STORY MUSIC: Get the story of HOPE behind the music, including details about why I created the music.


The making of Overcomer - a cinematic,, passionate piano improvisation I made on the spot.

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