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TaurusBeats: taurusbeats - TaurusBeats Music by Taurus M. James
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On The SurfaceTaurus James - Stirred Not Shaken (2013)
PeaceTaurus James - Stirred Not Shaken (2013)
Stirred Not ShakenTaurus James - Stirred Not Shaken (2013)
Summer AfterTaurus M. James (ASCAP) - Fall Of Anguish (2004)
Heading HomeTaurus James - Moody Grooves (2011 )
These DaysTaurus James - Westward (2011)
Away Too LongTaurus James - Common Grace (2010)
Smoothed OutTaurus James - Common Grace (2010)
DionneTaurus James - Smooth James (2005)
Days EndTaurus James - Smooth James (2005)
LovelyTaurus James - Smooth James (2005)
We CanTaurus James - Smooth James (2005)
Mountains (no piano)Taurus James - Double K Beats (2006)
End Of InnocenceTaurus James - Dreamer (2009)
All I AM (Human)Taurus James - Dreamer (2009)
Groove StepTaurus James - CA2VA (2007)
At His FeetTaurus James - Closer (2008)
TrepidationTaurus James - Warrior Music (2007)
GaminTaurus James - Fall Of Anguish (2004)
Summer AfterTaurus James - Fall Of Anguish (2004)
MountainsTaurus M. James (ASCAP) - Smooth James (2005)
Feels GoodTaurus James - Smooth James (2005)
Im With YouTaurus James - Smooth James (2005)
Im SorryTaurus James - Heartwashed (2006)
This LoveTaurus James - Smooth James (2005)
Some HopeTaurus James - Final Hour Music 2 (2003)
HappyTaurus James - Soul On Fire (2005)
StillTaurus James - Soul On Fire (2005)
San PedroTaurus James - Final Hour Music 2 (2003)
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Easy Listening

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Easy Listening

On The Surface

Original, Slow, introspective, reflective, melancholy, story rap beat 80 bpm 7:33


Original, peaceful, piano instrumental music 71 bpm 1:36

Summer After

Original , Smooth, Jazz, piano, cinematic, Moody Instrumental Music

Heading Home

Sample Flip Beat Remix of Norah Jones Seven Years by TaurusBeats

These Days

Laid-back, content, feel-good, smooth instrumental groove 96 bpm

Away Too Long

Smooth RnB Hip Hop Beat, Sample Flip, Feel-good, laid back groove, Story Rap 93 bpm

Smoothed Out

Smooth groove, RnB, Original, easy listening Instrumental 95 bpm


RnB, Cover, sample-flip, interpolation, piano moody instrumental music 93 bpm

Days End

Original, feel-good, Smooth Jazz, Piano Moody Instrumental Music 106 bpm


Original Smooth Chill Relax Laid Back Moody Instrumental Music 98 bpm

We Can

Original, upbeat chill smooth jazz with piano and violin 120bpm

All I Am (Human)

Smooth Jazz, upbeat, happy, Original Piano Improvisation, Instrumental Music, RnB, Human League Human Piano Cover 101 bpm 5:28

At His Feet

Piano Smooth Jazz Instrumental Music by Taurus James


Original, piano, moody instrumental music, chill, smooth jazz 91 bpm 7:12


Original, Smooth Jazz, Romantic, Piano Moody Instrumental Music 96 bpm

Feels Good

Original, Smooth Jazz, Groove, Piano Moody Instrumental Music 98 bpm

Im Sorry

Original, Piano, Moody Instrumental Music 107 bpm 4:04


Still - Moody Instrumental Music by TaurusBeats aka Taurus M James

What People Are Saying

Ron Wess MusaQ - na
Aye Wasup TB you never seem to disappoint this is nice right here....Great Job Awesome (" Aye get at me when ya can k PeaceLove&GodBless
Randy Lovett - na
Hey James, my name is Randy Lovett I first stumbled across your instrumentals late 2007 while working in Ohio. I just recently recieved an email for moody music and couldnt believe you were there. I couldnt remimber your name to get to your sight. i had been wanting to hear those instumentals all this time. Your tracks are very inspirational. Your are very talented. What are your greatest accomoplisments from your talent? Who have you been able to meet and work with? Hope to hear back soon, Peace...Randy
Judy &Curtis Price - USA
We are so proud of you and all that you do. It is good to know that God gets the Glory in all you do.
We are looking forward to the day that we will be able to do something.
I am working on a couple of things.
One being 'The woman, The Baby, The Word' It is deep.
Looking forward to hearing great things
from you.
Love to the family
Momma Judy & Curt
Edward Samuel - India
This site has good instrumental music
Uprightvideo - na
I sent you a message a while back but never got a response. You are probably the main reason I gave up my Mpc 2500 and went with Reason and the Mpd 32....I'm still making music with the combo....thanks Taurus. :-)
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