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Music mood is: serious, passionate, forceful, strong, extreme, great, fierce, severe, high, earnest,impassioned, fervent, zealous, vehement, fiery, emotional, foreboding, unease, anxiety, anxious, apprehension, trepidation, disquiet, uneasiness, misgiving, something bad is going to happen

What People Are Saying

gospa rap theme records - na

hey the banging beats man..even the remix to lean back, and the song how we do it...keep it up for god god bless...peace G.R.T productions

shan - us

Taurus you are so talented. You can really tell that there is emotion behind your music and that it's is not just some notes put together. I appreciate your art. Its a beautiful picture.

Adolfo - USA

Man...All I can say is WOW!!! I can't believe what you have here! I am deeply moved by what you create and thank you so much for sharing! Awesome!

shervin - holland

your site is geting better

Edward Samuel - India

This site has good instrumental music

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