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TaurusBeats: taurusbeats - TaurusBeats Music by Taurus M. James
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Uncharted TerritoryTaurus James - CMA Beats (2014-2016)
Face MeTaurus James - CMA Beats (2014-2016)
Quik EndsTaurus James - CMA Beats (2014-2016)
Welcome BackTaurus James - Christ Beats (2014)
The GrindTaurus James - Christ Beats (2014)
Souled OutTaurus James - Christ Beats (2014)
Like ItTaurus James - CMA Beats (2014-2016)
Look of LoveTaurus James - Christ Beats (2014)
DianaTaurus James - CMA Beats (2014-2016)
All I DoTaurus James - Christ Beats (2014)
Be FrancTaurus James - Christ Beats (2014)
CakeTaurus James - Christ Beats (2014)
Life StoryTaurus James - Christ Beats (2014)
WomanTaurus James - Christ Beats (2014)
PolishedTaurus James - Stirred Not Shaken (2013)
Grace To YouTaurus James - Bad Bull Beats (2009)
Soul On IceTaurus James - Bad Bull Beats (2009)
BetterTaurus James - Moody Grooves (2011 )
Love AvalancheTaurus James - Moody Grooves (2011 )
Heading HomeTaurus James - Moody Grooves (2011 )
ButterflyTaurus James - Westward (2011)
Chocolate SunTaurus James - Westward (2011)
StompTaurus James - Westward (2011)
SnowTaurus James - Moody Grooves (2011 )
QuestTaurus James - Moody Grooves (2011 )
All Is FairTaurus James - Common Grace (2010)
Away Too LongTaurus James - Common Grace (2010)
SignedTaurus James - Common Grace (2010)
Just WestTaurus James - Common Grace (2010)
SucceedTaurus James - Common Grace (2010)
In HimTaurus James - Common Grace (2010)
ButterflyTaurus James - Common Grace (2010)
Still RelevantTaurus James - The Genius (2007)
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Sample Flip

Face Me

Scarface Type Beat, Story Rap, Sample Flip Hip Hop

Quik Ends

Piano funk soul mashup think DJ Quik meets Loose Ends.

Welcome Back

Dark, Piano, Moody, Dramatic, Hip Hop Sample Flip Life Story Instrumental Music 90 bpm

The Grind

Intense, mean, slow, life story rap, sample flip beat 86 bpm 4:58

Souled Out

Upbeat, Fun, Hip Hop, Sample Flip Beat, Party Beat, RnB, Soul, Funk, think Soul Train 94 bpm 4:10

Like It

Hip Hop Beat, Sample Flip Beat, Story Rap Beat, RnB Club Beat

Look of Love

Funk, Hip Hop, Sample Flip, RnB, Groove Beat 92 bpm 4:34


J Dilla Tribute Sample Flip Hip Hop Beat, Epic Story Rap Beat

All I Do

Upbeat, Happy, bounce groove, Sample Flip, RnB, Party Beat 97 bpm 3:14

Be Franc

Dark, Cinematic, orchestral, piano Hip Hop, moody groove, bounce beat, Interpolation 94 bpm 4;10


Original, Smooth Jazz, upbeat satisfied, groove, piano instrumental music 97 bpm 6:18

Life Story

Slow flow, Life Story Epic Hip Hop Beat, Story Rap Beat 80 bpm


Slow, brooding, intense, tough, sample flip beat remix for epic story rap 80 bpm


Tough, moody, dramatic, Hip Hop, Sample Flip Beat, Funk Groove 98 bpm 6:02

Grace To You

Piano Instrumental Music, Sample Flip, RnB Hip Hop

Soul On Ice

Piano Instrumental Music, Sample Flip Beat, Smooth Jazz ft Pat Metheny


Inspirational Sample Flip Beat ft. Darwin Hobbs Beter Is One Day

Love Avalanche

Inspirational Sample Flip Beat by TaurusBeats ft. Avalanche by Hillsong United

Heading Home

Sample Flip Beat Remix of Norah Jones Seven Years by TaurusBeats


Moody, brooding, serious, smooth groove, sample flip 101 bpm

Chocolate Sun

Smooth groove, bounce beat, feel good, sample flip 97 bpm


RnB, urban, driving, dance beat, sample flip 112 bpm


Moody Piano Sample Flip Beat by TaurusBeats ft. Van Morrison Snow In San Anselmo


Upbeat, Happy, Smooth Jazz, Groove Hip Hop, Life Story, cinematic, Sample Flip Beat 97 bpm 6:16

All Is Fair

Tough, brooding, life story, Hip Hop, Sample Flip, Story Rap beat 94 bpm

Away Too Long

Smooth RnB Hip Hop Beat, Sample Flip, Feel-good, laid back groove, Story Rap 93 bpm


Epic Adventure, Cinematic, Hip Hop, Sample Flip, Story Rap Beat 97 bpm

Just West

Epic, life story, Piano, Instrumental Music, Sample Flip, Hip Hop, story rap beat 96 bpm


Original Piano Instrumental Music, jazzy Hip Hop 95 bpm

In Him

Smooth Jazz, Groove, Hip Hop, Sample Flip, Story Rap Beat 94 bpm


Cinematic Beat, Hip Hop, Sample Flip, Story Rap beat 100 bom

Still Relevant

Tough, intense, dramatic, Energetic, epic, Sample Flip beat, mashup 97 bpm 8:16

What People Are Saying

pandapoonmonster - na
Nice. I just started makin beats on reason 4 with an axiom 25. Still have alot to learn but i hope to be as good as this soon. Music is life, keep it up.
Dj Sergio - Poland
Oh men!! Your Exodus is a really good track!! great beat.......piano.... fantastic.......tell me where you will be have more tracks on your site...
Trill Notez - na
I like what you are doing bro.......God Bless God Bless
Randy Lovett - na
Hey James, my name is Randy Lovett I first stumbled across your instrumentals late 2007 while working in Ohio. I just recently recieved an email for moody music and couldnt believe you were there. I couldnt remimber your name to get to your sight. i had been wanting to hear those instumentals all this time. Your tracks are very inspirational. Your are very talented. What are your greatest accomoplisments from your talent? Who have you been able to meet and work with? Hope to hear back soon, Peace...Randy
Ricon Carter - USA
What's good fam ? Yo I replied about that track earlier "When Im Gone". Man I need that joint super bad. I kept listening to it over and over and I already got a song wrote for it. Its about my grandmother that died while I was holding her hand and how I was rebellious but she continued to pray for me and I didn't give my life to Christ until after she passed. Man its mad emotional I was crying while I wrote it. Please get back at me fam. Grace and Peace - Ricon
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