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TaurusBeats: taurusbeats - TaurusBeats Music by Taurus M. James
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Taurus Picks

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BlacksTaurus James - Christ Beats (2014)
DianaTaurus James - CMA Beats (2014-2016)
Life StoryTaurus James - Christ Beats (2014)
ReconcileTaurus James - Smooth James (2005)
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TaurusBeats Favorites - Hip Hop Beats, Story Rap Beats, R&B Beats, moody instrumental music, sample flip beats


Taurus Picks


Slow, Dark, Brooding, Mean, Tough, Original Piano, Moody Instrumental Music 85 bpm 4:59


J Dilla Tribute Sample Flip Hip Hop Beat, Epic Story Rap Beat

Life Story

Slow flow, Life Story Epic Hip Hop Beat, Story Rap Beat 80 bpm


Smooth Jazz, Piano Instrumental Music, Sample Flip Beat 100 bpm

What People Are Saying

Edward Samuel - India
This site has good instrumental music
weiss1377 - na
i liked the video very much. The sample, the beat (SO GOOD...) and the tutorial.?
jeystonemusic - na
nice beats
Terrance Bailey - usa
Man i Had to Hit up the web site im loving these tracks u r the Gospel dr. dre! I want when im gone beat i was caught in a zone when i heard it. Hit me back!
Bosman Ragga - na
I like your beats too Taurus, and I look forward to learn 1 thing or 2 from your videos?
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