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Serious, Dramatic, Sad, Dark, Somber, Reflective Downtempo beat 80 bpm


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Serious, Dramatic, Sad, Dark, Somber, Reflective Downtempo beat 80 bpm, Hip-Hop, Soundtrack (Television theme, Film), Orchestrated Hip-Hop, Beat

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image for Credibility
Image for Credibility –

The Story Behind Credibility

This one is more of a DownTempo to Hip-Hop track. I still don't feel comfortable with those labels. Thing is, the track is more Cinematic than anything to me.

It's pretty smooth if it's in the Hip Hop category. 

Credibility The Beat

I made CREDIBILITY the beat ...

Music Type

Downtempo beat, cinematic, instrumental

Music Use Suggestions

TV Theme music, film

Music Tempo

80 bpm (Slow 61bpm - 80bpm)

Music Moods


Music Instruments

brass, horn hit, trumpet, drums, percussion, hits, stabs, strings, viola, violin 

Keywords: Serious, Cinematic, Dramatic, Sad, Dark, Somber, Reflective, Down-tempo, Hip-Hop, Soundtrack, Television theme, Film, Orchestrated Hip-Hop, Beat

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