Give them Something for Nothing

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Give them Something for Nothing


People love getting something for nothing. That is one of the reasons I've been so successful at earning new fans and new subscribers to my mailing list.

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Free CDs

Every month, I host a free TMJ CD giveaway. Meaning, every month, you can win something for nothing.

All they have to do is subscribe to a newsletter that they only get once a month. That's pretty simple, right?

So tell your friends about the giveaway. Be honest. If you've won something, tell them. 

Free MP3s

If the Free CD doesn't move them, try offering them a Free MP3. Pick your absolute favorite MP3 and email it to them. You can email the link, or use's email to a friend function. If it's something they like, they might drop by for more. Often a good hook is something that works best. ITNOJ is a great example. So is Still WHAAT, Night Moves, Linkin, and Commercial. They are some of my most popularly emailed songs. So send them to your friends.

Taurus Radio Stations

Giving away one MP3 doesn't work? Try a dozen! There's instant gratification for you when you can download a dozen great MP3s. And thanks to, I have a LOT of free mp3s that you can offer them. So email a bunch of links. Or direct them to one of my online radio stations. My radio stations are organized with different themes to suit different peoples different needs. So find a station that you think your friend would like, and email it to them.

Or you can personalize it even more by setting up your own internet radio station. offers a very simple way to add my songs to your station. Or you can download my MP3s and upload them to your own streaming radio server. Mix in some of your other favorite artists and listen often.