Greatest Love

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Greatest Love

Smooth Jazz, piano, sample flip, moody, bounce groove, story rap beat 91 bpm 4:39

Greatest Love
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Smooth Jazz, piano, sample flip, moody, bounce groove, story rap beat 91 bpm 4:39

image for Greatest Love
Image for Greatest Love –

Photo by Nick Scheerbart on Unsplash

The Story Behind "Greatest Love"

My sample flip beats are creative experiments using samples in ways to make new music in completely different genres. In this song, "Greatest Love", I use small instrumental samples to create patterns of melodies and change-ups not found in the original song. I wrap th samples and the sample flip patterns in new, original instrumentation that I perform. 

Watch video: How to Sample MP3 Files Using Propellerhead Reason NN-XT - Sample Flip Beats by TaurusBeats

I made Greatest Love to be a "feel good" smooth jazz groove that you can ride to. I can picture myself riding down the California coast with thos track playing, wjile watching a dramatic sunset. That's me, though. Give this song a good listen and tell me what you see and how the track  makes you feel. After all, that's what it's all about - experiencing life in music.

Propellerhead Reason is the DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) I used to create Greatest Love. I also used Sony SoundForge and Propellerhead ReCycle to do my sample selections and sample clicing (chopping). in Reason, I used the NNXT Advanced Sampler to actually flip the samples into new patterns.

Be sure to check out my sample flip beat video tutorials, where I show my creative process for making sample flip beats and moody instrumental music.

Even though I'm using Propellerhead Reason to make my Moody instruMental Music creations, you can use my tips and techniques in any DAW to create your own music and make beats.

Thank you for your support.

Follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud etc. and I'll see you there! =)

Grace and Peace!
Taurus M. James

"Greatest Love"
Moody instruMental Music
Copyright 2014 by Taurus M. James
Some Rights Reserved.

Sample Facts


how to make beats
Sample Flip Beats
moody instrumental music


dmooth, jazz, groove, piano, instrumental, remix, sample flip

MUSIC Use Suggestions

study, background, story rap, storytelling


91 bpm (Medium 81bpm - 110bpm)


builds, grows, busy, catchy, dramatic, adventurous, angry, dangerous, dark, ough, mysterious, strange, weird, emotional, introspective, lonely, nostalgic, reflective, thoughtful, energetic, urgent, wild, inspirational, uplifting, passionate, melodramatic, strong, anthemic, bold, confident, determined


drums, bass, keys, synth, sample, percussion, horns, french horns, strings, violins


Important Notice:

IMPORTANT: This song contains a sample. If you purchase a license to use this song, you are responsible for clearing the sample for use in your project. Contact me if you want to license a version of this song without the sample.



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I am a V.I.P. (Vision Impaired Person), so if you have a question and want a faster response, E-mail me:



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Thank you for listening, watching, liking, commenting, and sharing. I am very grateful.

 Grace and Peace!




#TriumphMusic playlist


#WeAreCMA - Computer Music Academy alum





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What People Are Saying

andrew silway - India
Thank you so much for the music. They are great!
weiss1377 - na
i liked the video very much. The sample, the beat (SO GOOD...) and the tutorial.?
Judy &Curtis Price - USA
We are so proud of you and all that you do. It is good to know that God gets the Glory in all you do.
We are looking forward to the day that we will be able to do something.
I am working on a couple of things.
One being 'The woman, The Baby, The Word' It is deep.
Looking forward to hearing great things
from you.
Love to the family
Momma Judy & Curt
Asha' J - USA
Keep in Christ bruh!! I love the music!!! You are the best!!!! You know how we do!!
Loretta Landers - USA
Keep up the good work that you are doing in the Ministry and the Music business.
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