Grown-Man Hip-Hop

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Grown-Man Hip-Hop

Grown-Man Hip-Hop

Grown-man Hip-hop - When Hip-hop matures

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Grown-man Hip-hop

All music by Taurus M. James (ASCAP)
All music � 2004, Taurus M. James . All Rights Reserved.
13 original, instrumentals.

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I was born into hip-hop so it will always be a part of me. Now, I'm a grown man, and this is my...

Grown-man Hip-Hop

In Grown-man Hip-hop, I blend raw beats and today's urban sound with my own 'dressed-up' sound. But this isn't just today's Hip-hop, this is the Hip-hop of the future.

This collection is my first attempt at creating Hip-Hop for the future.

In this collection, I have some of the hottest songs, presenting some flavor I remember from Hip-Hop's earliest beginnings, while introducing what I think Hip-Hop will be in the future (at least for me). This is what you get when Hip-Hop matures!

Listen and enjoy!

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