How To Flip A Sample - A New Day

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How To Flip A Sample - A New Day

TaurusBeats shows How To Flip A Sample with Akai MPD32 and Propellerhead Reason making the song A New Day


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TaurusBeats shows How To Make Sample Flip Beats with Akai MPD32 and Propellerhead Reason making the song  A New Day.

A New Day is  a sample flip beat, smooth jazz, piano instrumental produced and performed by TaurusBeats (Taurus M. James).

How To Flip A Sample - A New Day

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The Making of A New Day

In this "The Making of" Video, I am using the Akai MPD32 to trigger sounds in Propellerhead Reason to "flip a sample" Watch how I flip the sample to create different patterns.

I use the M-Audio Oxygen 8 to play the piano parts and then arrange everything to create music with my signature sound and "bounce" groove.

Check out the TaurusBeats Beat Tutorials to Learn How To Make Beats In Reason With MPD32 and Oxygen8.

What I call a Sample Flip Beat is a more than a beat. It is music with a rearranged sample wrapperd in rich instrumentation to create a totally different artistic expression and experience.

This is... A New Day. 

The Story Behind This Video

In this video, I'm showcasing another one of my Moody Instrumental Music creations - "A New Day" - a beat I made using Propellerhead Reason. Watch how I flip the sample and add my instrumentation to create this smoooth jazz, piano instrumental song.

This is one of the first videos I created aposted to Youtube showing how I make moody instrumental music and sample flip beats. i made the recording with my Canon A510 digital camera in 2009.

Back then, I made videos that only focused on certain parts of the beat, or music, I was creating. in this video, I show the actual sample flip patterns I created using the Akai MPD32 to trigger sounds in Propellerhead Reason NNXT Advanced Sampler and DrRex devices

It wasn;t until much later, when I started getting requests and questions from people, that I started making beat tutorial videos that not only show how I make moody instrumental music and sample flip beats, but also explain what I do and why  with much detail.

Moody Instrumental Music by Taurus M. James

Learn How To Make Sample Flip Beats Using Propellerhead Reason

Want to know how to make beats or instrumental music with a sample flip? You can use Propellerhead's Reason 4.01, the Akai MPD32 USB/MIDI hardware control surface and the M-Audio Oxygen8 v2 USB/MIDI keyboard control surface to get the job done.

My Beat Tutorial Videos Cover Topics Like...

How to Make Beats using Propellerhead Reason 
How to Flip A Sample
How to use the Akai MPD32
How to use the Yamaha DJX keyboard
How to Setup MIDI USB Control surfaces 
Moody instruMental Music
How to use the Reason NN-XT
How to use the Reason ReDrum
How to use Propellerhead Recycle 
How to use the M-Audio Oxygen 8 v2
How to Arrange Music
How to Layer Drums

Download Music For Your Project or Personal Use

Click the link below to download my moody instrumental music for your poject or personal use. If you would like me to customize a track for you, let me know.

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Grace and Peace!
Taurus M. James

"A New Day" Song Info

Moody Instrumental Music by Taurus M. James

Copyright 2009 by Taurus M. James - ASCAP

Some Rights Reserved.

By Taurus James (aka TaurusBeats):

Original Piano performance 

Beat (percussion) programming


Sample Facts

Touch and Agree - Ben Tankard
Artist: Ben Tankard
Album: Piano Prophet
Released: January 1, 2004
Label: Verity Records


Props and Respect to...

Ben Tankard
Herbie Hancock
The Upper Room Gospel Jazz Band
Pete Rock
J Dilla
Boon Doc (Boonie Mayfield aka Solomon Vaughn)
NerTheDamaja (Nefarious)



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