Flip A Sample - The Way

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Flip A Sample - The Way

Make A Beat Video TaurusBeats shows How To Flip A Sample with Akai MPD32 and Propellerhead Reason making the song The Way


The Way Piano Freestyle Sample Flip Beat Video;The Way Sample Flip Beat Piano Freestyle Video Part of the Make Beats with Propellerhead Reason Video Series; TaurusBeats shows How To Flip A Sample with Akai MPD32 and Propellerhead Reason making the song The Way.



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image for Flip A Sample - The Way
Image for Flip A Sample - The Way –

The Story Behind The Way

This is one of my very first piano freestyle sample flip beats made in Propellerhead Reason.

The Way - reason 4 beat instrumental sample flip piano beat


The Way Sample Flip Beat Piano Freestyle Video Part of the Make Beats with Propellerhead Reason Video Series

In this video, I'm showing how I create music with a ton of improvisation and playing piano by ear.

I flip a sample and then improvise on the piano creating melodies and a basic chord progression.

This is a beat using reason 4, AKAI MPD32 and M-Audio Oxygen8 v2. 


moody instrumental music
producer make a beat
piano by ear
play by ear
sample flip


There are comments awaiting approval.
Bru u cold on dem beats...fan
TaurusBeats Music 
skollittie - Thanks!
Hey TaurusBeats just letting ya know you are inspirational man. You say your a drummer and not a pianist..........damn dude, you rock dem keys pretty gooooooood! All the best to you man and I gonna keep on listening!
Nice. I just started makin beats on reason 4 with an axiom 25. Still have alot to learn but i hope to be as good as this soon. Music is life, keep it up.
Are those krk's still available in the stores?
David Lopez 
@TaurusBeats I'm really feelin' it man. Reminds me a lot of Nujabes!
TaurusBeats Music 
@AlterFickDich123 - Thank you!
TaurusBeats Music 
@hipnopath - Glad that you like my piano playing! I still don't think I'm much of a pianist, but I really appreciate your comment!
David Lopez 
You don't say you're much of a pianist? You're incredible! That's some fresh stuff!
you are really talented greetz from ger
TaurusBeats Music 
@quietboy7 - Thanks for the comment. Glad you like the video.
Aleksandar Ravic 
Deamn!!! i Really like your music! :D The way How you play Piano, so sexy!! :D Keep it up! Respect!
fuckin good man , youy have good idea and talent ! go cehck out my beats and give me tips i reallyy need some !
im pretty sure i made a comment before on your vid nice work. You and few other producers i watch that got me started with Propellerhead software making beats 7 months ago. Now im updated with everything from Propellerhead. My music got better because i practice about everyday with it. These virtual instruments became my best friends. I'm bless to have the equipment and to be able to make music without people saying my music is wack. Peace and Grown Men Productions is comming.
now this right here is sexy.
yo man. NO JOKE that picture you have looks. JUST LIKE a picture I have of my father holding me. Blue shirt and all.
Ranjeeve Beenessreesingh 
okay i have to share this oO
thats so sick dude
I love the improv at 5:00
Kelvin Knight 
Smooth Piece brotha!
TaurusBeats Music 
@ButterySounds - What I meant by "doubled the piano" is that I copied the first piano solo that I played and then pasted it at a different octave. I'm not that much o a pianist, but in order to "humanize" the doubled pianos, I "shuffle" one layer while "nudging" the other layer so that they are slightly off from one another. I play with the velocities of both layers a little too. Hope that helps!
dam this is amazing true work right here thats incredible i love these types of beats
Marsh Makes Art 
awe man ridiculouse man amazing beat!!!!
spencer champan 
in th part of the video where you state your not a pianist, your a drummer... seems to me like your all of the above, you have a heck of a talent! keep up the great work!
I bet you are a drumer. I see it the way you play your midi key = ) Greets from germany your beat is nice
nice flip clean drums clean chops to when ever u got time check out my 1st beat vid let me kno wut u think good or bad all feed back is appreciated
OMG.. mic sound..... are u crazy?! would be 2 times better if you record via computer line in
i love the part when u 'change the mood', very creative production, u create my beats in a very similar way. i gotta get that mpd32 soon. good work dude...
TaurusBeats Music 
dubleo: Yes, I do use ReCycle to chop samples. I then load them into Reason's NN-XT and trigger them with the Akai MPD32.
do you use recycle to chop??
love the work, you play on the same key as Gonzalito Rubalcaba of Cuba, you should check him out
Not impressed with the sample, because you outdid it with your own playing. No need for people with your skill to sample anyone else's piano playing. This is DOPE!
Dope work, a bit to jazzy for me but it was good nonetheless
Jay Dee 
heck yeah i like da way u did dat
I like the way you make your beats Greets from germany :)
R Tucker 
Nice man, I love your impromtu style and expression, you definitely got some musical talent
hey nice shit bro. love how u really get into it at 7:01 its bangin! Big props homie
TaurusBeats Music 
vialanattis: I use the Akai MPD32 USB/MIDI Software Controller to flip samples and create the percussion parts of my songs. I use the M-Audio Oxygen8 vs USB/MIDI controller to create the melodies and harmonies (strings and other instruments).
whats that board u use there and what is the name?
Nice work man ;)
TaurusBeats Music 
ElFuzzle: I use recycle, but not to change the tempo. Most of the time, I chop the sample in such a way that I end up flipping the sample to set the tempo for my beat. Yes, I am a drummer.
2:00 I really like that sound it somehow reminds me of 21 Questions by 50 Cent
TaurusBeats Music 
tuneinfull: Thanks, but I'm not sure that's going to work for you because the xr20 is not in the list of controllers compatible with Reason.
TaurusBeats Music 
silver19944: TheOmniBeats is right. I've got about $3000 invested in the equipment you see. What you can't see is my Korg D3200 Digital Recording studio that I use as my "interface" to the PC. I use it to mic and record my drums when I play live with my band.
TaurusBeats Music 
xXSampleBeatsXx: I see what you mean. I'll try and make another beat with that pattern. Thanks and good lookin'!
TaurusBeats Music 
jtekdnb: Upright Bass rig in Orkester Sound Bank and Grand piano A in the default Reason sounds.
TaurusBeats Music 
hollywoodbeats: I got one comin' up for you that's a little slower. Stay tuned...
mike jones 
im not as ballin so i got teh akai xr20 drum machine. i have to get the midi patch cord to do what your doing with your mpd32 eh? i cant just use my pre-amp and change some settings in reason 4 to get the tapping going? daps to the beat from canada.
dude all your beats are so fucking fast, slow it down a notch man. ;)
Roughly $2-3,000
This was very enjoyable!
thats dope bru
another dope one
Yoooo I sampled this sample too :D But it isn't on my channel...:P
This man right here is fucking genius!!
Mr Parker 
nice keep it up
1:20-1:38 that sounds soooo tight... shouldve gone wit that, still tight
how much does all that stuff costs? including the pc the speakers the mixer and the midi?
Bernardo Semião 
just bought this one GJ ;)
Bernardo Semião 
just signed in your site
Paul Alarcon 
Yo man, your beats make me restless, you make me feel like quitting making music, keep bangin them out!
Nate Long 
Reminds me of Mr.Scruff a little.
The final product is fire!
Tim Blume 
great work, i love this uplifting sound! very nice, i want to see more from you..
another dope one...
nice job man i like it your nice on the keys
im liking this man!!
holy shit this is good!!
I liked that first flip, but the beat was still hot in the end.
Starling Productions 
yo this beats hot man nice job
Woahhhh!!!!! Diggin Dis!
Boogie Beats 
Something different like a jazz feel to it. Its HOT keep doing your thing.
yeahhhhhhhhhhhh. new video.
damn dude this is raw!!!keep doing you !! you just inspireedme to go and make another beat! 5/5


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