How to Get Free Music from This Site

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How to Get Free Music from This Site

Three simple and effective things you can do right now to Get Free Music and help promote my music!
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  1. Add a link to this site in your Email Signature
    Email signature promotion is overlooked by a LOT of people, but it is a simple and effective promo method. Add link and when your message is forwarded to others and others will see my link and consider clicking it. All it takes is a couple minutes of your time to copy and paste. Add the following:

    "Taurus James Productions: Free MP3s"

    In the spot "Put_Your_Name_Here", I ask that you add your name. I like to find out how people find me, and it could be your ticket to getting more free music (MP3 Doanloads or CDs). So add me to your email signature today!

  2. Review my music on your website.
    Personal testimonies and reviews are an invaluable form of promotion! When you tell a friend honestly and openly, how much you love my music, they are more likely to stop and listen. You can do that easily by adding a review to your website. Add a short review of my music on your website, like this:

    "Taurus James Productions is awesome! I've been listening to his music online for a while now, and he makes my day. My personal favorite songs are 'Still W.H.A.A.T.' and 'Last Days'. That last one is from his new CD. You can check it out at"

  3. Promote me in Newsgroups, Forums, Message Boards, and Mailing lists.
    Newsgroups, bulletin boards and mailing lists are a great place to talk about me. Tell your fellow subscribers about my accomplishments. Give your honest reviews of my music. Let them know when a new CD, or MP3 is available. Include my website in your email address. Once again, the more people see it, the more likely they'll click and I'll gain some new fans.

    Make sure to Include a link to If I see a lot of hits coming from certain people, you can bet I'll offer some cool rewards like T-Shirts and other CDs, and I'll see what else we can come up with.
  4. I.T.N.O.J.�

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