How To Setup Akai MPD32 In Propellerhead Reason

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How To Setup Akai MPD32 In Propellerhead Reason

TaurusBeats shows how to setup the Akai MPD32 MIDI Controller to work in Propellerhead Reason on a Windows-based PC.

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This video shows how to setup the Akai MPD32 to work in Propellerhead Reason, on a Windows-based PC.

Beatmaking tutorial - Akai MPD32 - How to seup MPD32 in Reason

How To Get Akai MPD32 To Work With Reason

In this video, I discuss: 

- MPD32 USB/MIDI Controller
- MPD32 Driver Installation
- Propellerhead Reason Preferences
- Having Multiple Controllers in Reason
- Using MIDI-only Keyboards as Controllers in Reason
- Step-by-step setup of Akai MPD32 in Reason

Time: 11:15

This post is about: Propellerhead Reason, Akai MPD32, MPD32 setup, MPD32, MIDI Controller setup 

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I made this video in response to a question I received about how to setup the Akai MPD32 USB/MIDI control serface in Propellerhead Reason on a PC running Windows.

I'm using Propellerhead Reason 6.5 and I walk through, step-by-step, how to setup the MPD32 and use the pad controller to trigger sounds in Reason devices like the NN-XT Advanced Sampler and the ReDrum Drum Programmer. This is not a comprhensive tutorial about using the AKai MPD32 to sample flip, but it is enough to get you started with the device setup so you can start making your music better.


The Akai MPD32 is a MIDI controller that I use to trigger sounds in Propellerhead Reason, FL Studio and other Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs). The setup process for the Akai MPD32 is simple, but I received many questions about the process from people who were in different versions of Reason. In this video, I mention that prior to Reason 4.01, there was no support for the MPD32 and the MPD32 would not even show up in the preferences dialog (for Windows). After Reason 4.01, the setup process for the Akai MPD32 became simple.

In general, MIDI controllers are easy to setup in Reason. Even setting up an old MIDI keyboard like the Yamaha DJX is simple as making a generic selection from a list of options.

The following videos may help you with more MIDI controller setup questions you may have.

How To Lock Akai MPD32 In Propellerhead Reason

How To Use Multiple Controllers With Reason

Propellerheads Reason 4.0.1 update released



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Taurus M. James

MPD32, Reason, Akai MPD32, MPD32 setup, MPD, I discuss all in this video.

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