How To Use MPD32 to Trigger Sample in Reason Like MPC

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How To Use MPD32 to Trigger Sample in Reason Like MPC

How To Use MPD32 to Trigger Sample in Propellerhead Reason Like MPC


Question from a Subscriber:

Hey, wsup man. I really apprecilove what you are doing man. We need more people like you in the world, that are willing to share the knowledge to enhance people power.

After watching ur videos it really inspired me to get into this producing , because i went to school for sound engineering and tried to get in the industry, but i realized i can just do my own thing and let the industry come to me.

I needed some help with getting my samples to record on reason. I am using the nnxt advanced sampler. For my drum pad i use the Trigger finger and for the keyes i have the oxygen 8.

When i trigger the sample how do I get the sample to play, cause when i trigger the sample i have to hold the pad down for the whole sample to play.

I been tryin to figure that out for like 1 month now. If you can help me it would be greatly appreciloved. Thanks Brotha

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What's up, fam? I'm blessed to have the knowledge and to be able to help you - for real.

The solution to your issue is two parts...
1. Set "amp envelope release" to maximum - this will trigger whole sample to play without you having to hold the pad down
2. Set "polyphony" to 1 - this will only allow one sample to play at a time (that MPC feel)

Let me know if this worked for you and holla back anytime!

Grace and Peace!


Here is a video showing how to setup Propellerheads Reason DrRex sampler to Make your MPD act like an MPC...

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weiss1377 - na
i liked the video very much. The sample, the beat (SO GOOD...) and the tutorial.?
angie wize - USA
Hello, I am angie wize. I was online looking for music and I heard samples of your work. Love it, so far. I'm looking forward to hearing more.
shan - us
Taurus you are so talented. You can really tell that there is emotion behind your music and that it's is not just some notes put together. I appreciate your art. Its a beautiful picture.
CotsiosFX - na
RE: Mary Did You Know... wow !!! not even one comment for this fantastic music ?????? it really gets you when the drum-beat comes in ... you did an excellent job, 6 stars from us !!! good luck in the contest smile :)
Trill Notez - na
I like what you are doing bro.......God Bless God Bless
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