Icy Hot

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Icy Hot

Serious, Slow-flow, Hip-Hop sample flip beat 87 bpm

Icy Hot

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Serious, Slow-flow, Hip-Hop sample flip beat 87 bpm

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The Story Behind Icy Hot

Story rap beat. 

Icy Hot The Beat

I made ICY HOT the beat ...

Music Type

Hip-Hop beat, story rap, instrumental, sample flip

Music Use Suggestions

Rap, story

Music Tempo

87 bpm (Medium 81bpm - 110bpm)

Music Moods


Music Instruments

brass, horn hit, trumpet, drums, percussion, hits, stabs, strings, viola, violin 

Keywords: Serious, Slow-flow, Hip-Hop, sample flip beat, 87 bpm, intense, Dramatic

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