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How to Make Beats 

Beatmaking Tips

Get the Beatmaking Tips and Tools I used to learn how to make beats and develop my music and business for more than a decade.

Beat Tutorials

Learn how to make beats by watching my Beat Tutorial videos covering various beatmaking topics.

TaurusBeats On Drums

Get drum tips and suggestions from TaurusBeats as he shares from his 20+ years as a session drummer.



Guiding Principles For Your Journey


Beatmaking Equipment

What do I need to make Hip Hop beats?

What equipment do you need to produce beats?

What is the best software for making beats?

Other Beatmaking Tools


Beatmaking Basics

Types of Beatmakers


What is a beat?

A beat is a basic unit of music. (Music theory answer)

For music, we recognize the time signature of a song by recognizing the number of beats in a measure. For example, 4/4 time signature means there are 4 beats in one measure and each beat is a quarter note.

In the beatmaking context, the above is true, but it is not the first thing that comes to mind.

In beatmaking, a beat is a piece of music primarily created for some vocal element to be added to it.In other words, beats are made for rappers or singers or other artists to add vocals to.

Making Beats vs Making Music

What is beat making?

What does making beats mean?

Technically, they are the same - music. But there is a distinction you must recognize as a beatmaker.

Beats leave space for vocal content. You will encounter the saying, "LESS IS MORE", especially when it comes to Hip Hop beatmaking.

Music, on the other hand, may fill the available "space" with other instruments or musical elements where the vocals would normally go. This is instrumental music, rather than a beat (in the beatmaking sense).


As TaurusBeats, my primary aim is to make Moody Instrumental Music. I make beats, too. I intentionally move my beats into the instrumental music lane by adding piano freestyles (improvisations) and other musical elements to fill the space where vocals would sit.

I have "stripped down" versions of all of my music - beats - which vocalists can use.

My overall aim has never been to make beats for industry artists, vocalists, rappers, etc. My overall aim is to create Lufe Story Music, telling the story of my life through the music I make, for my daughter. As I learn and grow, I share what I know with others on this music journey.

Know how music works: Music Theory

You do not have to know music theory in order to make beats. However, I strongly encourage you to learn music theory so you know how and why music works the way it does.

Beatmaking Strategy

Beatmaking strategy is simply a master plan or plan of action to accomplish an overall aim.

If your overall aim is to make a beat, you make a plan of action to do just that - make a beat.

When you make a beat, then what? WHat are you making beats for? what are you going to do with the beats? Why are you making beats?

These are questions to get you to think bigger about your "overall aim" and plan ahead.

Beatmaking Process

The beatmaking process is a common set of steps to make a beat. Every beatmaker takes these steps to make beats.

Beatmaking Workflow

A beatmaking workflow is the way a beatmaker workds to make a beat. Beatmaking workflows vary depending on the beatmaker. For example, we all have to add sounds to our DAW, but the way I add sounds to my DAW will probably be different from the way you do it.

Beatmaking Tips

How to make good beats?

Actually Make Some Beats

Beatmaking is a skill you can get better the more you do it. Like other skills development, you have to consistently practice using what you learn on the equipment to achieve the desired goals. Then, you compare / test the beats you make against similar beats by other beatmakers.

Sampling vs Organinic Beatmaking

How do you make original beats?

Organic beatmaking is simply making beats while playing everything yourself - no (song) samples. Organic is a term used to distinguish between sample beatmaking, which uses samples from existing songs within the beat being created.

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