Lease or Buy Beats - A Quick Reference

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Lease or Buy Beats - A Quick Reference


I put this little table together for those of you interested in buying or leasing my hip-hop beats (or any of my other tracks). It's a quick reference showing you the differences between leasing a track (non-exclusive or exclusive licensing) and purchasing the track ("buy-out").

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All songs posted on this site are available for purchase ("buy") or license ("lease"). You can buy MP3s for $1 each if you just want songs to listen to on your iPod or other MP3 device. You can also buy CDs. However, when you buy MP3s or CDs, you are not purchasing "ownership of the music" as with my "Buy-out" option (described later).

First of all, let's deal with the differences between "Leasing" and "Buying" a track.

Leasing a track from me means that you are paying for permission to use my track in a project of yours. When you Lease a track, I retain full ownership of the track - including all copyrights, masters, publishing, etc. It's just like when you lease an apartment or car - you don't own it, you "pay rent" on it for a period of time specified in the rental agreement. After the term of the lease is up, so is your use of the apartment or vehicle - if you choose not to renew the lease. It's pretty much the same when you lease a track from me or anyone else.

Buying a track from me means that you are paying for ownership of my track. In short, you "buy out" all of my ownership rights to the track and the track becomes yours. Buying out a track means you purchase ownership of the copyrights, masters, publishing, etc. If you purchase a house or a car, in full - at once, the house or car is yours - you own it. In a similar way, the track is yours when you pay me "in full" for it. NOTE: "Making payments" on a house or car doesn't count because technically, it's not "yours" until you finish making payments. Nevertheless, if you want to "make payments" or "lease with an option to buy" on a track, we can do that, too!!

Next, lets deal with the difference between "Non-exclusive' and "Exclusive" when it comes to Leasing a track.

In a Non-exclusive leasing arrangment, you may not be the only one allowed to use my track. Other interested artists can pay me to use the same track, at the same time. In an Exclusive leasing arrangement, you will be the only one allowed to use my track. I will grant permission for you, and only you, to use the track. Anyone else using the track during this period will be in violation of the law - and I will pursue them, and so can you. Since "exclusive" means no one else (but you), this means that not even I can use the track during your Exclusive leasing period.

Okay. Now that I've covered the basic stuff, let's look at my chart.

Term 1-year 1-year Forever
Copyrights Producer (Taurus) Producer (Taurus) Artist/Label
Fee $25 and up $100 and up included in purchase price
Masters Producer (Taurus) Producer (Taurus) Artist/Label
Publishing Producer (Taurus) Producer (Taurus) Artist/Label
3% and up 3% and up none
YES YES Maybe (not)
Artist/Label Artist/Label Artist/Label

Whether you Lease or Buy a track from me, I make sure to include the details in writing. You will receive an agreement document with the specifics of our "arrangement".

I'll be covering more points like these periodically, so be sure to check out the "Music Licensing" area from time to time.

- T

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