Lone Wolf

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Lone Wolf

Original, Ska-type, focused, upbeat, moody, background, incidental, intermission, theme music 123 bpm 5:02

Lone Wolf

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Lone Wolf is original, Ska-type, focused, upbeat, moody, background, incidental, intermission, televison theme music  (123 bpm 5:02) by Taurus M. James.

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image for Lone Wolf
Image for Lone Wolf –

Photo by Wil Stewart on Unsplash 

Be Encouraged

Good intentions are no excuse for bad results. The desire to do good must be followed with effective, committed action. Anything worth accomplishing takes focused, competent effort.

The Story

I remember listening to Ska music when I was in college. It quickly became one of my favorite genres because the music was so different. I remember the distinct piano hits on every "and" beat (like "one-AND-two-AND-three-AND-four-AND"). That was so cool to me. This seemed to give the music it's distinction as Ska music.

Anyway, Lone Wolf is my first attempt to make Ska Music. A little guitar play with a constant piano (on the "and" notes and a repetitive upright bass, gives this song the nice feel of Ska that I remember.

Genre(s): Experimental, Dance, Soundtrack (Television theme, Film)

Mood(s): Agitated, Aggressive, Rhythmic/Upbeat

Tempo: Fast 123 BPM; Medium (111 - 130)

Other Descriptions: piano, preview, experimental, ska

EMURGENCY = Emerge + Urgency

The "U" appears out of place, but it is intentional. It is time for you to emerge with urgency. The world has been waiting for you.


original, instrumental, theme, intermission, television

MUSIC Use Suggestions

background, commercial, advertisement, television theme


123 bpm (Medium 81bpm - 110bpm)

MUSIC Themes



repetitive, trippy, busy, catchy, strange, frantic, fun, insistent, Positive, optimistic, happy, satisfied, contented, upbeat, punchy, quirky, focused


drums,upright bass, piano, strings, violin, accoustic guitar

Keywords: lone wolf, ska, emurgency cd

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