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MP3 Albums


Get my Moody instruMental Music collections as downloadable MP3 Albums.

When I create Moody instruMental Music, I group the songs into "Collections" based on my personal feelings about the songs and how the songs sound together.

You will notice that most of my Collections have a certain theme with even the song names reflecting part of the overall theme.

You can buy my Moody instruMental Music MP3 Albums and get the entire collection at a fraction of the cost of purchasing the same songs individually. For example, the price for most MP3 Albums is only $2.99!

MP3 Albums are delivered in the "Standard" MP3 file format (128kbps or better) and ready for Personal Use with you own audio devices.

MP3 Albums are offered under the Personal Use License, which allows you to use the music at home or in the office. You may not resell or publicly distribute (make copies) the music. You must purchase a Commercial Use License in order to use this music in any product or project, even if it is for a non-profit organization.

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How to order...

1. Choose the MP3 Album you want to buy from the Online Music Catalog.

Click the with the MP3 Album and price on it.

2. Buy the music.

Use any of PayPal's options (credit/debit card, eCheck, or PayPal Direct Transfer) to make your payment.

3. Download the music.

Once your payment is verified, you will receive an email with instructions on how to download your order. Follow the instructions in email to access and download your audio files.

Note: Prices and terms may change at any time without notice.

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