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MP3 License


MP3 audio file, instant download.

The MP3 License is a Commercial Use License. This is what you need if you intend to use the Moody instruMental Music file you purchase in a product for sale, a commercial project, or a locally-broadcast application. Simply put, if you intend to use the music in any way other than your personal listening pleasure (YOUR iPod, YOUR CD player, YOUR PC, etc.), you must purchase a Commercial Use License.

The MP3 License delivers the Commercial Use License music as a single MP3 file. A separate MP3 License must be purchased for each song you intend to use.

If you purchased a song under the Personal Use License, and you decide later that you want to use that song in your project, you must purchase a Commercial Use License for that song.

Although it is called "MP3 License", this license applies to commercial use of a single song, regardless of the file format. For example, if you purchased a Collection CD under the Personal Use License and want to use a single song in a commercial product, you must purchase a Commercial Use License for the song you want to use. The Commercial Use License (MP3 License) allows you to use the specified song. Under the MP3 License, you may convert the song from CD format to the format you need for your project. Again, the MP3 License applies to a single song, regardless of the format.

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How to order...

1. Choose the music you want to buy from the Online Music Catalog.

Click the in the MP3 License column for the music you want to buy.

2. Buy the music.

Use any of PayPal's options (credit/debit card, eCheck, or PayPal Direct Transfer) to make your payment.

3. Download the music.

Once your payment is verified, you will receive an email with instructions on how to download your order. Follow the instructions in email to access and download your audio files.

MP3 Licenses are Non-Exclusive Licenses. Contact Me if you want to purchase Exclusive Rights for music found here at

NOTE: License terms and prices may change at any time without notice.

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