Overview of Acceptable Royalty Free Uses

Overview of Acceptable Royalty Free Uses

The overview is provided as a quick reference ONLY and DOES NOT replace or override the actual Music License Agreement.

Synchronization: All uses require "synchronization" (synchronization meaning the music must be used with other audio and/or visual effects) with the exception of acceptable Music-On-Hold use.

Downloads: Per Project Reproduction Allowance:
Select from 5,000 to unlimited units What's This?.
Downloads: Licensed Market Area:
Select from local to world wide broadcast rights What's This?.

Audio CDs: Per Project Reproduction Allowance:
5,000 units, upgradable as needed.
Audio CDs: Licensed Market Area:
Local - one 300 mile radius, upgradable as needed.

  1. Corporate & Trade Shows: "Non-general public" (Licensee's personnel, job seekers and onsite guests) business related viewing. General Public viewing of displays is permitted at trade shows.
  2. Radio Broadcast: Radio broadcasting within the Licensed Market Area.
  3. TV Commercials & Promos: Broadcast on television within the Licensed Market Area.
  4. Television Show: Licensee Broadcast on television within the Licensed Market Area. "Cue Sheet" required within thirty (30) days of the first airing. Cue Sheets may be submitted online at www.taurusjames.com/cuesheet
  5. Internet: Flash, Real Audio, Shockwave, Quicktime or other similar internet presentation formats only.
  6. Music-On-Hold: From and for the address shown in Licensee's paid invoice ONLY. Use of the music by any entity offering Music-On-Hold or other background music services to other third parties is prohibited.
  7. Project Films, Student Films & Shorts: Short Films (45 minutes or less), Films shown at Film Festivals, or any other "Film" that is NOT a Major Motion Picture.
  8. Products for Sale or Giveaway — Per Project Reproduction Allowance: Software or hardware products may be reproduced up to the licensed number of units allowed ("Per Project Reproduction Allowance") and made available for sale or giveaway. (Example: A piece of music may be used in a production/project and reproduced up to the number of units allowed. The same piece of music may be used in other different productions/projects and also reproduced up to the number of units allowed. But, reproductions of any one production/project may NOT exceed the maximum allowance.)


If your use in not addressed in the Music License or available as an extension,
please contact taurusjames.com for a music license for your needs.

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Deena - na

Dear Taurus,
I was searching on the internet to find out how I can possibly learn how to compose music. I write alot of lyrics but have the slightest clue on how to create music for them. Anyway I came across your website in the search engine and after listening to all, I mean every instrumental on here, I just had to tell you WOW!!! Your music is so heartfelt. Absolutely beautiful. And I must say very inspiring!!. Hopefully someday I can find a way to let myself be heard through music. Good Luck in all you do.

Sincerely Deena

Jonathan Ustin - na

Completely answered my question. Great demonstration of your work process. Really tight beat too. Thanks much.?

shan - us

Taurus you are so talented. You can really tell that there is emotion behind your music and that it's is not just some notes put together. I appreciate your art. Its a beautiful picture.

Ricon Carter - USA

What's good fam ? Yo I replied about that track earlier "When Im Gone". Man I need that joint super bad. I kept listening to it over and over and I already got a song wrote for it. Its about my grandmother that died while I was holding her hand and how I was rebellious but she continued to pray for me and I didn't give my life to Christ until after she passed. Man its mad emotional I was crying while I wrote it. Please get back at me fam. Grace and Peace - Ricon

Marina Muravyeva - na

Hi Taurus, Thank you for your comment about "Silence. I like your "Heartwashed"! Very nice sound and music. Marina

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