Promote My Music and This Site!

Promote My Music and This Site!

Ready to lend a helping hand? Below is a list of ideas and tips on how you can help promote the man and the music you have found here.

How you can help promote me online:
  1. Add me to your email Signature File
  2. Add link to use on your website
  3. Promote and share your favorite TMJ song
  4. Tell your friends about my free CD Giveaway
  5. Tell your friends about me in Newsgroups you visit
  6. Promote me in your Mailing Lists
  7. Suggest my Radio Stations to your friends
  8. Write a review for one of the stores where my CDs sell
  9. Complete my guestbook form to tell what you love about our CDs
  10. Read The Memorable Moments 
  11. Tell a friend
  12. Join the Discussion group and meet other fans
How you can promote my music offline--Build a Street Team
  1. Print and handout my Pocket Billboards (coming soon!)
  2. Get a free sticker and tell your friends to do the same (coming soon!)
  3. Find the address for your local radio programs and tell us so we can get them a CD
  4. Start a Fan Club in your area
  5. Start a Street Team to promote us in your region
  6. Create Flyer and post copies around town
  7. Pamphlets
  8. TMJ CD Giveaway Promotion
  9. Contact local organizations to tell them about our music
  10. Sell my CDs
  11. Find shops that take CD consignments
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What People Are Saying

Uprightvideo - na

I sent you a message a while back but never got a response. You are probably the main reason I gave up my Mpc 2500 and went with Reason and the Mpd 32....I'm still making music with the combo....thanks Taurus. :-)

Terrance Bailey - usa

Man i Had to Hit up the web site im loving these tracks u r the Gospel dr. dre! I want when im gone beat i was caught in a zone when i heard it. Hit me back!

jjcue3 - na

Hey TaurusBeats just letting ya know you are inspirational man. You say your a drummer and not a pianist..........damn dude, you rock dem keys pretty gooooooood! All the best to you man and I gonna keep on listening!

Gerald Dunton (bxinmd) - US

Good stuff brotha.keep banging for Jesus. I liked the beats,seems like U been doing this for a while. Keep it up. God Bless

shan - us

Taurus you are so talented. You can really tell that there is emotion behind your music and that it's is not just some notes put together. I appreciate your art. Its a beautiful picture.

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