Sound Quality Explanation

Sound Quality Explanation

Here on, I offer my music in different file formats and different bit rates. The difference in bit rate equates to significantly noticeable differences in sound quality. Generally, the higher the bit rate, the better the sound quality (or clarity) of the music.

Lo-Fi Demo MP3s

These are the MP3 files that are played in the MP3 Player when you click on a link to listen to a song or a collection online. The Lo-Fi Demo files are below the standard 128kbps bit rate to keep file sizes smaller and help make online playback smoother. The lower bit rate (between 48kbps and 96kbps) means the file playback is faster and smoother online. However, the sound quality is far less than the 'Hi-Fi' MP3 files that are actually purchased.

Hi-Fi MP3s

These MP3s have a bit rate of 128kbps and above. The actual file size of a Hi-Fi MP3 is about twice that of a Lo-Fi Demo MP3. The sound quality is far better than the Lo-Fi Demos you listen to here online. In fact, I often refer to the 'Hi-Fi' MP3 sound quality as 'Near-CD Quality' because the quality is much closer to what you would hear on a CD.

CDs - WAV Files

When you purchase my music on CDs, you get the highest sound quality available. This gives you the most clarity and the most flexibility with the music you buy from When you buy CDs, you can create your own MP3 files, at whatever bit rate you like, for your iPod or other MP3 player.

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i liked the video very much. The sample, the beat (SO GOOD...) and the tutorial.?

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Hey TaurusBeats just letting ya know you are inspirational man. You say your a drummer and not a pianist..........damn dude, you rock dem keys pretty gooooooood! All the best to you man and I gonna keep on listening!

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RE: Mary Did You Know... wow !!! not even one comment for this fantastic music ?????? it really gets you when the drum-beat comes in ... you did an excellent job, 6 stars from us !!! good luck in the contest smile :)

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Completely answered my question. Great demonstration of your work process. Really tight beat too. Thanks much.?

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great music!!!!!!

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