Taurians Help Wanted

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Taurians Help Wanted


There's a bit too much work for just one person. So I need helpers for various projects. Return often for the latest help wanted notices. If you can't afford t-shirts or CDs, this is a great way to earn stuff for free.

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MP3 Web Promoter
Do you know how to make MP3s? Do you have high-speed internet access? I need a few dedicated Taurians to help me setup MP3 sites online. I will work with you to provide relevant information. All you will need to do is set me up on one website and start promoting that site. I'll guide you through the process. Minimum of a six month commitment.

Internet Radio Promoter
Are you a fan of Live 365 and other internet radio stations online? I need few people interested in internet radio who will help get my music heard. You will visit online radio stations, listen to the programming. If you think my music fits, you will contact the station and ask them to add my music. You will then build a relationship with those station DJs and keep them informed about my latest achievements and success.

TaurusMan News Reporter
I have many folks interested in desktop publishing. Now I need some writers for for newsletter. If you like to write and would be interested in helping to inform my fans about the what's happening with me, this is the job for you!

If there is a job that you think needs doing, drop me a line and we'll see what we can work out. Thanks!