TaurusBeats Music On CMA Weekly Homework Podcast 101

TaurusBeats: taurusbeats - TaurusBeats Music by Taurus M. James
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TaurusBeats Music On CMA Weekly Homework Podcast 101

TaurusBeats Music On CMA Make Up Assignments - Weekly Homework Podcast #101 - Last Days


Check out my track "Last Days" on Make Up Assignments - Weekly Homework Podcast #101

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"Last Days" Original, Moody Instrumental Music
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TRACK: "Last Days" Original, Piano, Moody Instrumental Music

ALBUM: My Soundtrack



Start time - 17:40

Weekly Homework Podcast #101
Make Up Assignments - Weekly Homework Podcast #101

Life happens. It's not always convenient to get certain things done. Be it for home, work school and other areas of life. But sometimes we get the rare opportunity to right a wrong. To actually fulfill obligations after the originally prescribed time. In this case, the good people of CMA get a chance to do a past assignment they missed for (insert reason here). In a first on our Weekly Homework Podcast we proudly present, Make-Up Assignments.

This week we hear from:

Stevan G
RTO Beats
DJ Lockturnal
TaurusBeats (17:40)
Mr. Wallace

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What People Are Saying

paxilz - USA
great music!!!!!!
Lord Toranaga - na
you make great videos. excellent production quality!
Maluson - Belgium
Hey Taurus, i told u i would listen to ur beats, man, they're bangin, so funky.
Keep doin what u do, u do it well, no doubt.
I hope we could have the opportunity to work together. As soon as my new 'sounds' are online i'll hit u up with it.
Much appreciation for your listening on my page.
David S Mohn - na
Thanks for listening to my music. I just listened to your 2 tracks. They are great.
Judy &Curtis Price - USA
We are so proud of you and all that you do. It is good to know that God gets the Glory in all you do.
We are looking forward to the day that we will be able to do something.
I am working on a couple of things.
One being 'The woman, The Baby, The Word' It is deep.
Looking forward to hearing great things
from you.
Love to the family
Momma Judy & Curt
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