TaurusBeats Music Production with Propellerhead Reason

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TaurusBeats Music Production with Propellerhead Reason

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Propellerhead Reason is my preferred music production software. I started using Reason when it first came out. I developed my workflow in Propellerhead Reason to allow me to create music and sample flip beats remixes with ease.

The Propellerhead Reason tutorial videos that I make are very detailed and filled with tips and techniques I use to make great sounding music. Video tutorials are available here and cover different levels of use. I'm working on Black Belt Beats Boot Camp, a full course on how to use Propellerhead Reason, for music producers of all levels.

If you have questions, or would like me to create a tutorial video on a particular subject, let me know by clicking the button below and sending me a message.


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What People Are Saying

Sergion - Poland

HI!! its again me... i checked Your web again after long time.. and im really happy that i did it!! your new songs... ARE MORE THAN AMAZING!! when i listen Your music... i feel like ... (impossible to write how i feel) but i love this feeling... very thx You for Your music... im going to listen it all time smile :) greetings from Poland my friend wink ;)

Kingdavid7 - na

RE: The Upper Room... Love what you guys are doing.

gospa rap theme records - na

hey wazup..love the banging beats man..even the remix to lean back, and the song how we do it...keep it up for god god bless...peace G.R.T productions

Adolfo - USA

Man...All I can say is WOW!!! I can't believe what you have here! I am deeply moved by what you create and thank you so much for sharing! Awesome!

Paul Scott - USA

wow i like your site. i'm really impressed at all your music and ability.

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