Think Of Your Beatmaking Process Steps In The Broader Music Production Context

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Think Of Your Beatmaking Process Steps In The Broader Music Production Context

TaurusBeats shares his beatmaking process and music production steps to help you develop your own process and finish beats.

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Beatmaking is music production, but many beatmakers have a hard time understanding the distinctions between the two. Music production may involve a lot more than making a beat.

By thinking of your beatmaking process steps in the broader context of music production, you can develop your process with an overall view and focus to help you finish beats and get them to your listeners. 

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My Beat Making Process Steps

Every music producer and beat maker follows a series of steps to make a beat. While there is no single process that fits everyone, there are some common steps found in every beatmaking process.

In this overview video, I share my process, including:

  • Listening to The Idea
  • Selecting Sounds
  • Creating Patterns
  • Mixing (as you go)
  • Arranging
  • Adding "Change-ups"
  • Finalizing/Preparing for Mastering


This post is about: The Beatmaking Process and music production

Beat Making vs Music Production

In general, making beats is music production. However, there sre some differences between the two. For a beginner, here is one way to understand the differences.

Making a beat is part of the larger music production process. Think of your beat making process as steps within a larger process to produce a music product, like an album. Also, think about presenting that entire album to the public.

Understanding the broader scope of music production can hel you as a beat maker understand the many different roles involved to produce an album to the public. This understanding can also help you become more productive as you become better at managing your actions and time in a more focused manner towardsclear goal.

Music Production Steps

Project Vision or Concept

  • what songs to optimize for project?
  • what is the artistic vision?
  • what is the sonic vision?
  • what is the project budget and timeline?
  • what recording method?


  • Create/Listen to demo
  • What is the best tempo?
  • What is the best Key?
  • analyze/modify song structure?
  • what arrangement and dynamics?

Production (instrument tracking, programming)

  • recording basic tracks
  • making the beat rhythm/groove framework
  • program instruments for sonic landscape
  • overdubbing

Vocal Production, Editing, Comping

  • what is the vocal approach?
  • engineer vocal sound
  • get best vocal performance
  • comping lead and background vocals


  • review arrangement
  • track edits and session cleanup
  • pre-mix setup
  • mixing the song
  • What about Mastering?

These music production steps give you a broader view of the entire "music project" and can help you see that steps to make a single beat may seem similar, but there are distinctions to be aware of.

I got the music production steps from a very helpful course called "Music Production: Techniques and Concepts" by Scott Jacoby on Check it out.

Learn how to turn a demo recording to a fully mastered song with Grammy-winning writer/producer/mixer Scott Jacoby. 


I made this video in response to a question I received about how to setup the Akai MPD32 USB/MIDI control serface in Propellerhead Reason on a PC running Windows.

I'm using Propellerhead Reason 6.5 and I walk through, step-by-step, how to setup the MPD32 and use the pad controller to trigger sounds in Reason devices like the NN-XT Advanced Sampler and the ReDrum Drum Programmer. This is not a comprhensive tutorial about using the AKai MPD32 to sample flip, but it is enough to get you started with the device setup so you can start making your music better.

Follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud etc. and I'll see you there! =)

Thank you for your support.

Grace and Peace!
Taurus M. James

MPD32, Reason, Akai MPD32, MPD32 setup, MPD, I discuss all in this video.

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