Who is Kid Kikit?

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Who is Kid Kikit?

Who is Kid Kikit? TaurusBeats aka Taurus M. James Rapper Alter Ego


Just who is this "Kid Kikit" character anyway?

Who is Kid Kikit? TaurusBeats aka Taurus M. James Rapper Alter Ego

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(Kid Kikit image drawn by Todd O. Jones.)

Back when I was a cadet at the Air Force Academy, I was a DJ for the campus radio station (then, KAFA 104.5).  I was still a freshman at the time and I was the youngest DJ on staff.  All of the DJs playing "urban" music had radio call signs and I needed to have my own. An upperclassman helped me pick my call sign.  He was known as "Young One" because until I came along, he was the youngest of the crew. 

Young One was the only DJ at the time who could scratch, and his mixing ability I admired because his mixes were "clean."  When he mixed, it was like he created new songs.  That's what I admired the most.  In fact, I emulated his mixing style and set out to do my own thing, which was relatively new in the Academy environment.  I set out to mix songs of different genres and different tempos to create "new songs" that were totally different and unexpected.  I worked hard and mastered the art of mixing "clean."  It wasn't enough for me to simply "match beats"; I had to match beats, change-ups, riffs, etc., seamlessly.

While shadowing Young One in the production booth one night, we set out to determine my call sign.  Young One figured I should use the fact that I was the youngest on staff at the time within my call sign.  Since "Kid n Play" was out at the time, we ruled out using "Kid" alone because the name was already taken.  Nevertheless, the "Kid" moniker stuck because it is Hip-Hop.  Think about all the DJs and MCs with the name "Kid" in their stage names.

"Kid" wasn't enough though.  So, we still had to find something to go with it.  That's when I came across the Bell Biv Devoe album cover.  If I recall correctly, it was a remix cover - dark, with the brothers posing on the front in the latest gear.  I think Biv had a clothing tag that was visible and it had the word "KIKIT" on it.  I saw this small detail and blurted out, "What about 'Kid Kikit?'"  Young One's eyes lit up.  He was like, "Yeah! Kid Kikit!  That's sounds good!"  My call sign was chosen that night, but my alter ego was already 2 years old.

My alter ego was born shortly after arriving at the Air Force Academy Prep School in the summer of 1989.  I was 17 when I arrived and had barely scratched the surface of uncovering my identity.  My "Preppie" year had its ups and downs.  During that time, the distinctive "split" in my personality emerged.  At times I was quiet, too quiet, and reserved - couldn't get a peep out of me.  Other times, I was on the opposite extreme - loud, boisterous, and maybe even obnoxious.  I have always been a deep introvert, but I can appear to be extremely extroverted at times.  This still fools people today.

Over time, "Kid Kikit" developed into the personality I used to get my point across.  The more juvenile personality, Kid Kikit approaches with a seemingly "don't-give-a-bleep" attitude and voice that cheers on revolutionary action.  Militant and forceful, Kid Kikit is quick to serve his opinions with quick-witted fashion.  While on the other hand, Taurus James, developed into a much more mature (beyond my years), deep-minded personality whose words are carefully chosen for maximum, long-lasting effect.  Not one to waste words, Taurus James is much more cautious in speech - keeping his thoughts hidden until he determines the right time to unleash.

The pair of personalities rest on extreme sides of the spectrum in many ways, but they share a common cause - to voice the life of the man known as Taurus M. James. 

Experience these two personalities by listening to the wealth of music they have created on this site.  Whether instrumental music or rap, both personalities present themselves in what you will find here. 


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