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1.00New Music! Grace To You and New Love
0.92Used To Be
0.75Common Grace
0.75Common Grace
0.75Fast Break
0.75Common Grace MP3 Album DISCOUNT
0.75Lesson 22 Common Reason Sequencer Functions and Tools
0.57Page: Privacy
0.50Goodbye My Love
0.50This Love
0.50New Song: This Love (from Smooth James collection)
0.50Rep The King
0.50Love Avalanche
0.50In Love With A Dreamer
0.50Courtney Love Manifesto
0.50New Music! Anything and Dreamer
0.50New Love
0.50New Music Collection - Unstoppable Love
0.50Another Kind Of Love (AKOL) Smooth Piano Funk Groove Instrumental Music Video
0.50Another Kind Of Love
0.50Reckless Love (version 2)
0.50Reckless Love
0.50Greatest Love
0.50Reason Production Walk-through Session Love Avalanche Sample Flip Beat Video Tutorial
0.50Love Avalanche Sample Flip Beat Video
0.50Look of Love
0.50Flip This Sample The Temptations Mary Ann The Wings of Love
0.50For Love
0.50For Love (revisited)
0.50For Love Creation Session
0.50Love You Goodnight
0.50Daily Schedule for Month 08 August
Drum & Bass Fusion & Subscriber Love
0.50Show You My Love
Show You My Love
0.50Show You My Love (Neo Groove)
Show You My Love (Neo Groove)
0.50Show You My Love
Show You My Love
0.42Lesson 24 Vocal Pitch Correction in Reason Pitch Editor
0.34Page: Cookie Policy
0.28Weekly Homework Assignment #205 Against The Clock
0.28First Time Buying Beats: Transitioning from Free Beats to Leasing Beats
0.28Reason Production Walk-through Session - Ethereal Hope
0.28Flip A Sample Beat Session - The Changing
0.25You Plus Me
0.25Still Riding
0.22The Changing
0.21The Needle Drop
0.21Lesson 29 Using EQ Equalization in Reason
0.21The Ultimate Guide To Online Beat Licensing (Updated 2021)
0.20What is a Needle Drop?
0.19Lesson 33 Mastering in Reason
0.15What Is Royalty Free Music?
0.15Royalty Free Music
0.15TaurusBeats Music
TaurusBeats Music by Taurus M. James
0.14Reason Music File Naming Convention
0.14Give them Something for Nothing
0.14New Music 2-1-2006
0.14I'm An Alien
0.14Natasha Bedingfield Angel Remix Video Part 4
0.14Songs About Home
0.13Lesson 28 Set Levels and Stereo Panning in Reason
0.13About TaurusBeats 2
0.13How To Sample A Song
0.13Books, Articles and Resources for Musicians
0.13My Drummer Bio
0.11How To Arrange A Beat
0.11Visually Impaired Music Producer Shows Low Vision Simulation in video Come Again
0.10Moody Mental Music
0.10Flip A Sample Beat Cookup - Ghetto Child
0.10How To Sample A Song With Drums In Reason
0.10Groove Sample Flip Beat Video - Souled Out
0.10Write a review: Your Personal testimony on my Website
0.10Thanks for supporting my music!
0.10What Is Sample Clearance?
0.10Using AKAI MPD32 Transport Buttons To Start Reason Song
0.103 Reasons To Buy USB MIDI Controllers
0.10How do you discover new music?
0.10What is a Composer?
0.10Lesson 30 Using Compression and Gates in Reason
0.10Tracked Out Stems of a beat and why you need them!
0.09How Long Does Copyright Protection Last?
0.09Interview with Taurus James
0.09Home Landing Page (COACHING)
0.09Reason Studios Reason EULA
0.08Wider Plug-In End User License Agreement
Original, RnB, Soul, Chill, guitar and piano improvisation, moody mental music
0.08Lesson 27 The Reason Mixer Overview
0.08Instrumental Soundtracks with Piano:
0.08Music From Older Eras For TV and Film Catalog
0.08TaurusBeats Music On CMA Weekly Homework Podcast 124
0.08Catchy Hook Melody in Reason: Grooving In Reason Tutorial - Cake Part 4
0.08Sample Arranging in Reason Sequencer
0.08Do You Sell SAMPLE BEATS?
0.08How To Make Pitched Snare Rolls Using MPD32 And Reason
0.08Sample Beat Making With MPC vs. MPD
0.08How to Make Hip Hop Hits
0.08How To Make a Beat: 4 Things You Need (Beat Tutorial)
0.08Daily Schedule for Month 12 December
Best of and Bandcamp Bash
0.08Daily Schedule for Month 10 October
Global Grooves & Fan Appreciation Fiesta
0.07Pulling Me Away
0.07Everywhere I Go
0.07Eternal Vibe
0.07Refuse To Shine
0.07Not The Same Without You
0.07Time Goes By
0.07Sun Is Setting
0.07So So Hot
0.07Bright Outlook
0.07Streets Below
0.07Night Lights
0.07Then and Now (Recollection)
0.07Grey Outside
0.07The Keys
0.07Dancing Wind
0.07The Story Behind Timeline
0.07Still Adrift
0.07As I Recall
0.07Body Work
0.07Junkyard Stars
0.07The Park
0.07The Window
0.07The Alley
0.07Young Crush
0.07Slow Hustle
0.07Lost In You
0.07Make It Over
0.07When Day Comes
0.07Night Breeze
0.07The Other Day
0.07Daily Gems
0.07True Calm
0.07Hit Cancel
0.07Touch Revive
0.07Tailor Made
0.07Don't Stay Down
0.07Happy Dance (Keys)
0.07The Passenger's Side (Keys)
0.07Burn It
0.07Ancient Moon
0.07Neo Moon
0.07Grooving Moon
0.07Funk Moon
0.07Waning Moon
0.07Missing Moon
0.07Hazy Moon
0.07Dashing Moon
0.07Remind Me Again
0.07Walk With Me
0.07Never Alone
0.07When I Pray (version 2)
0.07Moving On 2020 (MO2020)
0.07Checkout Girl
0.07No Liability
0.07Things I Didn't Get To Say
0.07Loungin Around
0.07Baby Debo
0.07Study Beat 0049
0.07Study Beat 0050
0.07Study Beat 0048
0.07Music Elements Artists and Producers Need to Know
0.07One on One Coaching Agreement
0.07One on One Coaching Agreement
0.07Beat Making Tip - Tune Your Bass Line With A Piano
0.07Crude Intense and Wild Music
0.07Sample Flipping In Reason NN-XT
0.07I'm With You
0.07UR Groovin'
0.07Reason - WAV sample slicing tutorial with NN-XT
0.07Groove in Reason without ReGroove: Grooving In Reason Tutorial - Cake Part 3
0.07To All The Soldiers (2010)
0.06Flip A Sample Beat Session - Shine Forever
0.06Fall of Anguish
0.06Do You Use Voice-Overs?
0.06Overview of Acceptable Royalty Free Uses
0.06What is Sampling in Music?
0.06TaurusBeats Music On CMA Weekly Homework Podcast 123
0.06Music Mastering Services
0.06Beginner Beat Making Guide
0.06Brokenness Aside
0.06Warm Gaze
0.06Ebook Landing Page Example
0.06Almost Good Without You
0.06Taurus The Capricorn
0.06Why you should Lease beats instead of buying Exclusive Rights
0.062 Tim 3 (2019 Trap Version)
0.06Welcome Back (Piano)
0.06Hip-Hop and R&B Sample Flip Beats for Independent Artists and Creators
0.06Copyright and Terms Of Use
0.06General Terms and Conditions
0.05Ease The Pain
0.05About TaurusBeats
0.05False Hope
0.05Who is Kid Kikit?
0.05Non-Exclusive Music Licensing Agreement
0.05TaurusBeats.com is about Helping Others
0.05TaurusBeats Music to Inspire and Encourage Growth
0.05Custom Music Composition
0.05Session 07 VST Control Voltage (CV) Routing in Reason
0.05Session 08 Using Reason Neptune for Pitch and Vocal Synth Effects
0.05Buy Beats [OLD]
0.05Already Here
0.05Playing Music and Mental Health
0.05Share your Review of my CDs
0.04How to Promote Yourself Online: Article
0.04Music Licenses & Copyrights
0.04Born To Die
0.04New! Warrior Music Collection
0.04Why I Make Moody instruMental Music
0.04Buy Beats Online - Hip-Hop Instrumentals
0.04By My Hand
0.04Lovers Do
0.04The Difference Between Beat Making and Music Making
0.04Feels Good
0.04Bounce Back
0.04A New Day
0.04Xzibit - Thank You (Live On Letterman 10-05-06)
0.04Tam Jam
0.04Days End
0.04Do It All Again
0.04Home Landing Page 20130511
0.04Just West
0.04Great Vision
0.04Session 05 Using Reason Blocks View
0.04Lesson 20 Make Beats with Loops in Reason Dr Octo Rex
0.04TaurusBeats Music On CMA Weekly Homework Podcast 116
0.04Layering Samples In Reason Sample Flip Beat BETTER
0.04Awukhuzeki Way Of Life Remix mp3
0.04What is the best MIDI controller for beginners?
0.04Great Power Great Responsibility
0.03Music The Life Framework
Unleash Your Inner Melody: Using Music as a Life Framework
0.03Optimizing Windows for Audio
0.03REAL Music and REAL Life
0.03When Life Happens Music Moves You Through
0.03Meeting You at the Intersection of Music and Life
0.03Think Of Your Beatmaking Process Steps In The Broader Music Production Context
0.03Beatmaking In Reason
0.03TaurusBeats Music On CMA Weekly Homework Podcast 115
0.03The Delivery
0.03What does FLIP A SAMPLE mean?
0.03Music Producer Mental Health and How to use Music for Help Hope and Healing
0.03What is Orchestrated Hip-hop?
0.03Buy CDs using PayPal!
0.03Gospel Jazz Music Website
0.03Free MP3 Downloads - Signing Bonus
0.03Promo: Music Access
0.03Old Landing Page 021705
0.03Example License Agreement
0.03Home page
0.03Old Welcome 021005
0.03Past Taurian Angels
0.03Comparison of Music Hosting Services
0.03Home Landing Page
0.03Chop Samples With What Software? ReCycle?
0.03Moody Instrumental Music Propellerhead Reason Tutorial Videos
0.03Home Landing Page 201508
0.03Home Landing Page 4/13/2014 6:49:30 AM
0.03000 Column: Offers
0.03How To Remember Tempos
0.03Created To Create
0.03Equipment For Producers With Eyesight Challenges
0.03Email Template UNISON example
0.03Beats, Music and HOPE [CLONE]
0.02Babygirl Chill Groove Piano Freestyle Reason Session Video
0.02Funk Moon Moody Mental Music Piano Freestyle Reason Session Video
0.02Lost In You Static Music Video
0.02True Credibility Moody Mental Music Piano Freestyle Reason Session Video
0.02COVID-19 Chronicles Session 19
0.02Ample Sound End User General License Agreement
0.02COVID-19 Chronicles Session 19
0.02COVID-19 Chronicles Session 18
0.02In My Reach (2016)
0.02How To Get Better At Making Beats
0.02Lesson 01 Set Reason Preferences
0.02Lesson 03 The Reason User Interface
0.02Lesson 11 Exploring the Reason Grain Sample Manipulator
0.02Lesson 15 Using The Reason RPG8 Monophonic Arpeggiator
0.02Uncharted Territory
0.02Audio Mixing Services
0.02Welcome Back
0.02Contact (short)
0.02Audio Consulting Services
0.02Into Your Eyes
0.02Even Still
0.02Good Night
0.02Making A Melody In Reason - Even Still Part 1
0.02Making A Chord Progression In Reason - Even Still Part 2
0.02Sample Removal and Piano Freestyle In Reason
0.02Making A Bass Line In Reason - Even Still Part 3
0.02Making Music Groove In Reason - Even Still Part 4
0.02Shine Forever
0.02All I Am (Human)
0.02Beautiful Things In Life
0.02This Cross
0.02Look At Us Now
0.02Lovers Soul
0.02How To Have Effective Band Rehearsals
0.02Many More
0.02CD and MP3 Distribution
0.02Making Beats With Reason
0.02Free MP3 Downloads
0.02Fall Of Anguish
0.02Promote My Music and This Site!
0.02How to Get Free Music from This Site
0.02What Are Cinematic Sounds?
0.02Beautiful (remix)
0.02What are Performing Rights Organizations?
0.02The real secret of streaming MP3s from your website
0.02Online Cuesheet Form
0.02Non-Exclusive License Terms and Conditions
0.02Propellerheads Reason 4.0.1 update released
0.02Some Kinda Way
0.02TaurusBeats Music [LAST]
TaurusBeats Music by Taurus M. James
0.01Music Production Services
0.01Build A Music Library