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Stirred Not Shaken (2013)

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On The Surface
Life Story Music, Slow, introspective, reflective, melancholy, story rap beat 80 bpm 7:33
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Original, peaceful, piano instrumental music 71 bpm 1:36
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Tough, moody, dramatic, Hip Hop, Sample Flip Beat, Funk Groove 98 bpm 6:02
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Brought Low
Original, mournful, sad, Piano, Moody Instrumental Music 90 bpm 6:34 (R.I.P. Curtis Price)
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Stirred Not Shaken
Original, mournful, sad, Moody Instrumental Music 90 bpm 6:29

Moody Jazz, Instrumental Piano Music, Inspirational Music, Chilled Jazz and other Smooth Sounds by TaurusBeats (Taurus M. James) © 2013.

Moody Instrumental Music with a mix of original, piano beats and emotional, smooth sounds.

This collection has music useful used for background music for thinking and reflection, and smooth grooves to relax to.

Year: 2013

Created entirely by Taurus M. James for INOJ Music company. All tracks were composed using Yamaha DJX and Propellerhead Reason.