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About TaurusBeats 2

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"What's Up, Fam?!"

TaurusBeats aka DreZimmer aka Taurus James

"Grace and Peace!"

Rev. Taurus 
 James aka TaurusBeats

Moody instrumental musician and a creative with a passion for helping others and self-improvement.

Love and Life are what I am about. Can't love without Life. Don't want to live without Love.

Contact me if you need help, have questions, or would like me to create music or a tutorial video on a particular subject, or just to say hello.

I look forward to hearing from you!

- Rev. James

"Let Us REASON Together"

I love meeting people who share this passion for music and self improvement that I have. A few years ago, I set out to use my skill and imagination to create an aesthetic environment as the home of my Moody instrumental Music so I could make it available for other people to experience. You're looking at the result - TaurusBeats.com.

This website has evolved over the years, from a small, private area, showcasing a handful of music tracks, to a growing network of aspiring musicians and producers.

I started out making beats with Propellerhead Reason back in the year 2000. I'm still making beats with Reason and I'm moving more into making music with full orchestration, solos, improvisations and all that wonderful stuff. (I'm no pianist - I stumbled into playing piano/keys while trying to figure out creative ways to tag the music I make.)

TaurusBeats - Reason user since 2000

Taurus James

TaurusBeats aka Taurus M, James

Taurus James, Spiritual Being, Human Experience, Disco, Hip-Hop, Tallahassee, Florida, Southeast, Washington, DC, Murder Capital, Crack Cocaine. Endangered Species, LL Cool J, KRS-ONE, Bruce Hornsby, Phil Collins, US Air Force Academy, Drums, Islam, Radio DJ, Kid Kikit, General Population, Nation of Islam, University of Colorado, Hillside, Chillville Crew, Gucci-D, Turntablist, Freestyle Rapper, Pete Rock, Dr. Dre, Dayton, Ohio, Civilian Male Military Spouse, Christianity, Music Producer, Propellerhead Reason, Minister, Salt Lake City, Utah, Entrepreneur, The Upper Room Gospel Jazz Band, Hans Zimmer, Los Angeles, California, Father, Cinematic Sounds, Alexandria, Virginia, Moody Instrumental Music, Montgomery, Alabama, Sample Flip Beats, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Stay-At-Home-Dad, Tutorial Videos, Martial Artist, Visually Impaired, Coach T, Mentor, Faith Walker, Catalyst, Overcomer

"Meeting people at the intersection of Life and Music and helping them navigate the Journey."



The way this works is ultra simple: there are three tiers, for which I can offer you a bunch of rewards!

Gold Member ($25 per month)

You'll get everything from the Silver reward level, plus:

  • Zoom Hangouts. I'll be hosting you all, from wherever I am in the world, once a month, for a group face-to-face Zoom conversation! From playing songs, to answering questions, to previews of things to come… this is a highlight of the month for me, when we get to sit down together and hang, and talk about music and life.
  • Instant access to my exclusive content areas. Not available anywhere else, includes videos, music, podcasts and more!
  • Invites to Recording Sessions. You'll get access to my recording and Q&A sessions for as long you remain a patron.
  • Music feedback. Send me one piece of music per month and I will listen to it and provide a constructive critique.
  • Personal Q&A. Once a month I'll answer questions from everyone in this tier in a private message (you will also be able to see and learn from everyone else's questions).

Silver Member ($10 per month)

You'll get everything from the Bronze reward level, plus:
  • Instant access to hundreds of exclusive videos. These are not available anywhere else!
  • All the new videos. You'll get access to all my new releases for as long you remain a patron.

Bronze Member ($5 per month)

  • Instant access to hundreds of exclusive tracks. These are not available anywhere else!
  • All the new music. You'll get downloads of all my new releases for however long you remain a patron.

You are, of course, welcome to pledge more than $25 per month if that feels good to you! My musical journey will always be free for the world to enjoy – this is simply a place to be part of a closer-knit group of the TaurusBeats family. I will be immensely grateful to any amount you would like to offer. As always, every penny of subscription money goes directly into making the music as real, and great as possible.

Welcome to the family :-)

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