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Already Here

Already Here is a Sunny Light Happy Chill Hip Hop RnB Type Beat with flute, strings and a sample flip of a mellow guitar.

This beat is original, moody mental music for the Soul Speak musc collection (album) by Taurus M. James (TaurusBeats).


The Story

2/25/2022 9:09:30 AM 

Xenia, Ohio, USA - Wright-Patterson Air Force Base

Producer/Performer: Taurus M. James (TaurusBeats) performed, recorded, mixed and produced this moody instrumental

I created this beat dusing my Soul Speak Session of Facebook Live.

I used Reason Studios Reason (formerly Propellerhead) as the DAW (digital audio workstation) and a Yamaha DJX MIDI keyboard as a MIDI controller. 

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Photo: Thanks to the wonderful people at Unsplash

Music Type: Hip-Hop and RnB (R&B) fusion type beat, original, groove 

Music Tempo: 85 bpm (medium slow)

Time: 3:45

Instruments: drums, sample flip, piano, synth bass, mellow guitar sample, strings flute

Genre(s): Hip Hop R&B (RnB), Lounge, Easy Listening, Relaxing music, Chill groove

Note: Sample does not need clearance.


Topics: Already Here Chill Hip Hop Hip Hop Sunny Light Chill Hip Hop RnB Type Beat Hip Hop RnB Chill sample sample flip beat sample flip Lounge Background Chill Music midslowtempo steady original Muzak organic happy singer-songwriter calm relaxing peaceful Easy Listening Chill Groove drums piano bass guitar flute strings violin 85bpm Soul Speak chill swag beat downtempo RnB soul laid back beat majorkey

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