Beachfront Sanctuary

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Beachfront Sanctuary

RnB, Smooth Groove, Muzak, Happy, Laid Back, Relaxing Beat

by TaurusBeats (Taurus James)

Life Story Music from the VISION Album - a collection of intellectual background music telling the story of one man's journey through time-space.

This is the original beat I created (NO PIANO).

image for Beachfront Sanctuary
Image for Beachfront Sanctuary – TaurusBeats (Taurus James)

Tags: Beachfront Sanctuary, Vision, Medium Tempo, Medium Energy, Happy, Laid Back, Relaxing, Smooth, RnB Soul, Muzak for Lounge, Sci-Fi & Space, instrumental, music for content creators

Photo by Andy Hutchinson on Unsplash

The Story

"Esoteric piano"



intended for or likely to be understood by only a small number of people with a specialized knowledge or interest.

"esoteric philosophical debates"

Similar: abstruse, obscure, arcane, recherche, rarefied, recondite


Beachfront Sanctuary is Medium Tempo, Medium Energy, Happy, Laid Back, Relaxing, Smooth, RnB Soul, Muzak for Lounge, Sci-Fi & Space.

Moody Instrumental Music for Content Creators.


My favorite beach is in Destin. Florida, USA, where I can relax my mind and let my soul be free.

The beachfront in my sanctuary.

I'm always talking about how music is a journey. More specifically, I talk about how music is a "lane" in my life journey.My life journey so far has been epic, but the story is far from complete.

"Beachfront Sanctuary" is a piano freestyle (improvisation) that I did record in Reason. My only piano performance of this song is within the video.

This is the beat cookup video.

Freestyle Piano Improvisation

I use piano "freestyles" (improvisation) as a way to teach myself how to play piano and develop my ear (ear training).

This performance is another way that I am working to positively Inspire, Influence and Impact people around the world to "Strike a Chord" and connect emotionally.


4/29/2018 10:54:59 AM


Beavercreek, Ohio - Wright-Patterson Air Force Base


Created with Propellerhead Reason and Yamaha DJX MIDI keyboard as a MIDI controller.

Life Story Music from the VISION Collection

"Beachfront Sanctuary"

Moody instrumental Music
Copyright 2018 by Taurus M. James
All Rights Reserved.

Song Facts

Released: 2018
Writer: Taurus M. James
Label: ITNOJ Music
Producer: Taurus M. James

Genre: Muzak, Rnb & Soul

Mood: Happy, Laid Back, Relaxing

Movement: Smooth

Energy: Medium Energy

Tempo: Medium

Places: Countryside, Lounge, Sci-Fi & Space , Water

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