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Groove Jazz, Piano freestyle, sample flip beat, moody instrumental, 92 bpm 4:42

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Photo by Nick Scheerbart on Unsplash

The Story Behind "Django"

Visually Impaired Producer Taurus James (aka TaurusBeats) makes an Emotional Inspiring Piano Freestyle (improvisation, unrehearsed, unwritten, completely spontaneous) to his sample flip beat "Django Unchained" using Propellerthead Reason and a Yamaha DJX keyboard.

I'm not a pianist, I just play a lot. (Word to Big Pun!)

Seriously, though, I am not a pianist and I don't know how to play in the traditional way. But I sit down and these piano improvisations (I call them freestyles) just happen. Like this one, many of these piano freestyles are complete songs - verses and hooks - all created on the fly, off the top of my head, in the moment.

This is the FINISHED PRODUCTION of the "Django Unchained" Piano Freestyle Sample Flip Beat that I created in memory of my friend and Brother in Christ, Curtis Price. Lord willing, I will keep giving all I can to reach and help people, in music and in life, like He did with me.

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= Track Info: "Django Unchained" - Piano Freestyle Sample Flip Beat by Taurus M. James (TaurusBeats)

How I Made This Music Using Reason

I make the beat first using Propellerhead Reason.

In this case, I made the sample flip beat using a guitar riff as the foundation and built the rest of the beat around the way I flipped the guitar sample chops. I hand play everything and build the instrumentation to wrap the sample flip.

Then I freestyle on the piano. It's like the beat inspires me to make the piano improvisation. Best way I can describe it is "going with the flow" or riding the wave and being completely in the moment. I'm not "trying" to play piano at all.

Even though I'm using Propellerhead Reason to make my Moody instruMental Music creations, you can use my tips and techniques in any DAW to create your own music and make beats.

Thank you for your support.

Follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud etc. and I'll see you there! =)

Grace and Peace!
Taurus M. James

Moody instruMental Music
Copyright 2014 by Taurus M. James
Some Rights Reserved.

Sample Facts

Uses guitar samples from royalty-free sample cd to showcase how to make beats, Sample Flip Beats and moody instrumental music and groove jazz.


original, instrumental, piano improvisation, freestyle, groove jazz, minimal, sample flip

MUSIC Use Suggestions

study, background, story rap, storytelling


91 bpm (Medium 81bpm - 110bpm)


builds, grows, busy, catchy, dramatic, adventurous, angry, dangerous, dark, ough, mysterious, strange, weird, emotional, introspective, lonely, nostalgic, reflective, thoughtful, energetic, urgent, wild, inspirational, uplifting, passionate, melodramatic, strong, anthemic, bold, confident, determined


drums, bass, keys, synth, sample, percussion, horns, french horns, strings, violins

Important Notice:

IMPORTANT: This song contains a sample. If you purchase a license to use this song, you are responsible for clearing the sample for use in your project. Contact me if you want to license a version of this song without the sample.

Topics: Django groove jazz piano freestyle sample flip beats sample flip Christ Beats moody instrumental music how to make beats piano beats piano beat



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